Bad Romance: 7 Types Of Relationships That Never Work Out

From relationships that are so incredibly boring that they make us want to poke our eyes out, to ones that feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride – if you’ve dated more than one person, it’s likely that the experience has been a little bit different each time. Heck, some of us have probably been in relationships that have gone from snooze-fest to drama-overload and back again. Although each relationship is different, here are a few common types that we’ve all probably experienced at least once in our dating careers.

  1. The long distance romance. Maybe you went to school a few hours apart or you met while traveling, fell in love, and have been trying make it work ever since now that you’re back on opposite corners of the globe. Either way, most of us have been in a long distance relationship at some point. Long distance isn’t all bad. The romance, the build-up to seeing each-other, the steamy Skype sex – that can actually be really awesome. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? However, it can also be heartbreaking, and unless one of you is willing to make the leap to close the distance, it’ll likely end.
  2. The guy that your friends and family hate. Perhaps this guy is your small town’s local weed dealer or maybe he’s just rude to everyone in your life – or both (true story). However you slice it, everyone in your life seems to hate this guy, and for good reason. He’s kind of bad news. However, being around him is exciting and you love that thing he does with his tongue. This relationship will eventually go up in flames, but in the meantime, the sex is off the charts. We all need to date one of these bad guys, if only to teach us that this kind of relationship isn’t what we really want.
  3. “He’s a great guy, but…” Everyone loves this dude, but kissing him feels like you’re making out your cousin. The sex is bad and it feels like you’re sleeping next to your brother. We’ve all dated someone like this – a person who is, by all accounts, an extremely lovely human, but with whom there is no sexual chemistry. Yet you keep dating him because you feel incredibly comfortable around each other. He’s like your best friend, which is why breaking up with him makes you feel all kinds of feelings.
  4. The friend with benefits. You enjoy this person’s company, but the relationship is all about the physical. When the clock at the bar strikes 1am and one of you wants some company, you call each other. All is fine and dandy with this arrangement until one person develops feelings and things start to get weird, thus shattering this perfect partnership.
  5. The rebound. You end up dating this person immediately after your breakup because they are the complete opposite of your ex. However, you probably initially chose to date your ex for very valid reasons: for example, the fact that you shared common interests and values. Although the old saying “opposites attract” can sometimes turn into a happy ending, this is not one of these stories. You quickly get swept off your feet, only to come crashing down a few weeks (or months) later when you realize that this relationship will never work.
  6. It’s complicated. Like, really, really, complicated, mostly because as a couple you have the worst timing ever. You both have feelings for each other, but there’s always something getting in the way: one of you is moving, already in a relationship with someone else, not ready to commit or about to be deported. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Relationships like this are what inspired the “it’s complicated” status on Facebook.
  7. Almost “The One”. This is the relationship that makes you think that you’ve finally found “The One” only to have the tables turned on you at the last minute, when you realize that things aren’t going to work out after all. It’s heartbreaking, it’s painful and we’ve all been there.
Simone is a freelance writer and author of the sexy and irreverent blog Skinny Dip. When she's not writing her heart out, she loves wandering her city with a large cup of coffee in hand, in search of the next great story.