7 Ways To Rock (Or At Least Survive) A First Dinner Date

Sure, first dates can be so awkward and awful that you shamelessly go pee four times just to tell your friends all about how gag-worthy it is in the bathroom. I’ve even had such traumatic first date experiences that my friends still joke about it over five years after the incident. But time goes on and we all learn from our mistakes… hopefully. So from one female to another, there are ways to make dating fun — yes, fun. Here are seven simple solutions that can make any first date bearable, no matter how boring the guy turns out to be. In fact, if he’s worth it, he’ll likely want ask you on a second.

  1. Wear something that makes you feel hot. Look good, feel good — duh! Of course you’re going to dress to impress when you’re going on a date, but be careful if you plan on buying a sexy new outfit to wear out. Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable. Picture the nightmare of wearing a strapless dress that you constantly have to pull up and check for a nip slip, or new jeans that unknowingly show your underwear when you sit down. Not ideal, to say the least. The only way to ensure that you look great and feel comfortable is to go with one of your old favorites. Wear an outfit that you always feel confident in that gets a ton of compliments.
  2. Have a drink before you leave. OK, so don’t show up to your date wasted, but take the edge off. Of course you want to be able to drive safely, but there’s something about a glass of wine or a vodka cranberry that makes you feel more confident and sexy while also calming your nerves.
  3. Drive yourself. It may be sweet and old-fashioned to get picked up for a date, but that’s the quickest way to get into a sticky situation. If you don’t know this guy, he doesn’t need to know where you life. He could be a serial killer for all you know. Besides, if you need to get away fast, you need a getaway vehicle.
  4. Arrive first. I’m never early for a single thing in life besides dates. If you arrive first, you get to choose where you sit and can start in control of the date. Even if you don’t want to be in control, you still get to scope out the best seats in the house (see next section). You can even order a drink before he gets there. He’ll like that you take initiative and you’ll have something to hold and sip on if you begin to feel nervous.
  5. Sit at the bar. The bar is the most ideal place to sit for a first date. If conversation begins to lag, you can talk to the bartender or even engage with the people next to you. If that fails, you can talk about the swanky drink that the bartender is making or about your favorite whiskey that you see behind the bar. It just feels more casual than sitting next to each other on a booth, or awkwardly trying not to touch each other’s feet when sitting across from one another at a small table.
  6. Treat him like a friend first. Many females struggle with conversation on a date because they only see their date as a prospective lover. If you’re always trying to be cute and alluring, you will likely freeze and choke (unless you’re smooth like that – you go, girl!). If you treat the date like you are going out to get a drink with an old friend, you’ll likely be looser, more yourself, and able to engage in better conversation. Besides, if you actually want to date this guy one day, you’ll have to show your true colors eventually.
  7. Eat a real meal. Real men like girls that can eat. Ordering a salad is a turn off, so order real food. Oh, and when it comes, you actually need to eat it. He wants to date a woman, not a bird who picks at its food.
  8. Bonus: If you’re having fun, get drinks somewhere else! So you’re having a great time? Chances are he is, too. Just because he’s too shy to say something doesn’t mean you have to be. Ask if he wants to go to that fun bar across the street. He’ll admire your spontaneity. Whether or not you want to kiss him at the end of the night is up to you.
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