7 Zodiac Signs That Make The Most Affectionate Partners

­­I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your homework about your crush/partner. It could save you a world of trouble to know ahead of time what type of attention and how much of it they expect. Without knowing who you’re dealing it, you could easily be doing the exact things to turn that person off and send them running the other way. When it comes to affection, here are 5 signs who will embrace all the PDA and a few others who won’t.


Tauruses are all about touch. Physical contact is very important to them in a relationship; however, they aren’t very mushy and are likely to be serious and practical most of the time. Don’t expect a flowery seduction through words. They don’t communicate emotions well and don’t want to indulge in small talk, especially if it involves feelings. They will express their feelings physically and gauge yours the same. They’re also super possessive and territorial, so while I wouldn’t expect excessive PDA in public, they will be sure to openly claim what’s theirs and ward off possible attention they could end up being jealous of. It’s more of a marking their territory move, like keeping an arm around you or guiding you by the small of your back.


This sign is loyal and also attentive to what the other person wants- but mostly in the bedroom. They may not initiate or particularly value affection themselves, but if it will make you happy, they will go along with it to an extent in public. Just know if they’re doing this for you it’s not natural and a testament to their genuine interest. They’re more prone to showing affection through acts of service. The biggest way you can show affection toward them is to accept them for who they are. They are extremely sensitive under their hard-working ambitious exteriors.


This sign is romantic, dreamy, and in love with the idea of love. Their vision of a connection is full of fantasy. They are also really giving and about making others around them happy. A Pisces will not mind showering their partner with endless affection and they will also not shy away from PDA. In fact, it won’t even be considered this to them because whenever you’re together they will be in a cloud in their own world with you and not even notice their surroundings. Any affection you’re receiving from them they likely already day-dreamed about in their mind like a personal thought theater showing of a cheesy predictable Hallmark movie starring, guess who- none other than you two as the main characters.


Also being a water sign (like Pisces), Cancers are all about emotion. They, too, are highly romantic and very giving of themselves to their partner. They will not hesitate to indulge in candlelit dinners, buy gifts, and try Kama Sutra in the bedroom. They are both very physical and very affectionate. They are also strongly guided by their emotions, so if their mood swings downward they will withhold affection 100%.


This sign is both serious and private. I wouldn’t expect PDA. On the other hand, physical contact is a big priority to them, and you should anticipate them to unleash their desires to the utmost degree in the bedroom. I would consider this more passionate and intense than affectionate, but nevertheless, this energy exceeds expectations in the bedroom.


Virgos are really methodical. They are good lovers in the sense that they know what to do and put pressure on themselves to achieve perfectionism in all areas of their lives. What’s missing is attentiveness. Being good in bed only goes so far if it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. While your physical experiences with them won’t be bad, it can feel disconnected and impersonal. They are highly self-critical about their performance and it takes a level of vulnerability and relaxing into the moment to meaningfully connect. They also may struggle to verbalize any affection they have for you and prefer to show it by being dependable.


Geminis are flighty and inconsistent. They’re super flirty and all about fun and games, so when you’re on the same page they are likely to be very affectionate. This isn’t to say you’re the only person receiving this attention, though. You can’t rely on them to show up every time and be there when you need them. They’re also capable of being a completely different person at times and showing a colder, more combative side.

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