8 Annoying Things Girls Do When They Flirt

Strange things happen when a girl is trying to win over the cause of her increased heart rate. She engages in a behavior called “flirting” and basically tries to be as cute and alluring as possible while talking to the object of her affection. Although flirting is designed to attract mates, some of the behavior exhibited during the process is utterly repulsive and painful to watch. Girls may be told that these are good things to do while flirting, when in reality, they’re distasteful and incredibly annoying.

  1. Talking in a really high pitched voice. This is a strange phenomenon. When a girl is around a guy she likes, the pitch of her voice goes from normal to sky high in mere seconds. What the hell? Is this some kind of subconscious siren ruse that girls use to hypnotize unsuspecting men and lure them to their deaths? Be vigilant, men.
  2. Obnoxious laughter. The longer some girls flirt with a guy, the louder and more boisterous their laughter becomes. There’s nothing wrong with laughing, but you’re not impressing anyone with your deafening squeals. The guy’s interest in you doesn’t increase along with the volume of your laughter. In fact, it’s probably the opposite.
  3. Constantly playing with their hair. This can go from cute to distracting faster than the speed of light. Twirling your hair around your finger might seem like an adorable thing to do, but the guy you’re talking to might think you have some kind of nervous tick if you do it nonstop. Even worse, he might think you have lice and you’re doing everything you can to subtly relieve the itch.
  4. Asking guys to buy them drinks. This is so tacky – buy your own damn alcohol. If you can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t be going out. There’s nothing flirtatious about walking up to a guy and holding your empty glass in his face expectantly. Going out to bars and clubs and expecting free drinks from guys just screams “entitled princess bitch.” The male gender is not responsible for buying booze for the female gender. If a guy offers, by all means, accept the drink. Just be sure to get the next round.
  5. Acting dumb. No confident, smart guy wants to flirt with a dumbass. It’s okay to let your intelligence show in a conversation. You can be smart without being condescending. If you behave like you have a lower IQ than sun-baked roadkill, that’s how you’ll be treated. The guy will probably feel like he has to dumb himself down too so he doesn’t create any awkward silences by saying something that confuses you.
  6. Nonstop phone usage. Scrolling through all of your crappy social media feeds and texting in the middle of a conversation is rude. It doesn’t make you seem “popular” or “fulfilled.” You just look like a narcissistic, easily distracted bitch who spends all her free time taking terrible selfies and talking to people she doesn’t give a crap about. You can survive 10 minutes without looking at your phone.
  7. Insulting the guy. There is a huge difference between playful teasing and hurtful insults. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, you should probably just stick to siren wailing and drink swindling. Both of those combined will still be more effective than being a clueless douchebag towards a guy you barely know. Lighthearted teasing and occasional touching = good. Saying mean things and being shocked by his reactions = bad.
  8. Expecting the guy to initiate. Some girls have no problem reciprocating a guy’s advances but they refuse to get the whole thing rolling themselves. There’s nothing wrong with a woman making the first approach. If you see an attractive male and want to use the flirts on him, go for it. Don’t sit around all night making goo goo eyes and hoping he’ll notice you. Just take control of the situation and don’t act like a jackass. You’re golden.
Lauren Clark is a writer and news curator based in Denver, Colorado with bylines here on Bolde and at Inside.com. While she’s vehemently anti-social media, you can find her on LinkedIn.