8 Fears Strong Women Have But Don’t Want To Admit

8 Fears Strong Women Have But Don’t Want To Admit ©iStock/filadendron

In 2016, women have more opportunities than we ever have before, and it’s made us stronger than ever. We strive to be as independent and successful as possible, and we hate having to ask for help with anything. However, as badass as we are, strong women do have plenty of fears that we don’t want to admit.

  1. We’re afraid of failing professionally. For strong women, our careers are the ultimate pride point. Because women haven’t always had the professional opportunities we do now, we feel a lot of pressure to succeed or risk being labeled incompetent, which would be an utter humiliation and a shame to our kind.
  2. We’re afraid of dying alone because no one’s strong enough to be with us. Sometimes, it seems like the advent of strong women caused an upswing in inexcusably weak and/or noncommittal men. We try to remain optimistic and just enjoy our lives while waiting to meet that special someone, but, deep down, we’re afraid he doesn’t exist.
  3. We’re afraid of being vulnerable and getting hurt. We have a lot of fears about dating and love, but one of the biggest fears we face is the fear of being vulnerable and getting hurt. Being vulnerable is necessary in order to find love, but it’s also a risk because there’s a chance of getting hurt, which throws us off our game and makes us feel weak.
  4. We’re afraid of making a bad choice and dragging ourselves down. As strong as we are, we know we’re not perfect and we worry about making mistakes that could have negative consequences. Because we don’t have anyone to catch us when we fall, the thought of making a major faux pas is really scary.
  5. We’re afraid of being stereotyped by others, especially men. Strong women avoid stereotypes like the plague they are, because we pride ourselves on being braver, more motivated and more chill/relaxed than the terrible female stereotypes that are perpetrated.
  6. We’re afraid of letting the next generation down. Even our own mothers didn’t have the same opportunities we do, so we feel responsible for leading the next generation of strong women and not letting anyone down.
  7. We’re afraid of losing ourselves in someone else. As much as we dream about meeting someone special, we also value everything that we are outside of a relationship, and we don’t want to lose ourselves just because we found a guy.
  8. We’re afraid of being seen as weak because we have fear. Because we define ourselves by our strength, it’s basically our worst nightmare to be seen as weak. While we all know that all humans have fear, it still makes us uncomfortable sometimes because we feel like admitting that we have fear makes us look weak.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.