8 Little Things People Only Do During Sex When They Really Love You

You may wonder be having some of the hottest sex of your life, but passion between the sheets doesn’t always equal an emotional connection. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs to look for to determine what’s really happening between you. By observing his body language, the words he says, and how attentive he is in the moment, you can learn a lot about how he truly feels. Here are some other things that indicate your intimacy is deeper.

  1. He Makes Eye Contact. If someone is staring straight into your eyes in the thick of things, then you can be sure you’re on their mind during your romp. Eye contact increases the intensity of your lovemaking, leaving you both feeling as if you’re the only two people in the world. If he’s closing his eyes, then who knows what he’s thinking about. But if his gaze is directed towards you, he wants to focus on you and only you.
  2. He Says Your Name. This is another sign that your guy’s attention is focused solely on you during sex. If he says your name, especially when he’s about to or is climaxing, then rest assured you’re the only thing on his mind. He wants you to know how incredible you make him feel. If you’re both saying each other’s names during sex, then you can be sure the lovemaking is about more than just getting your rocks off.
  3. He Kisses You Passionately. If he’s in a rush to get the deed done or is just focused on climaxing, then he’s not going to take the time to slowly and passionately kiss you. Similarly, if he’s not focused on you yourself in the act, then he’s not going to bother to look into your eyes as he goes for a kiss. But if he takes the time to enjoy the moment and convey how much he loves you with repeated kisses, then it’s a good sign.
  4. He Asks If You Like What He’s Doing. If he really loves you, then he’s going to care about how you feel when the two of you are intimate. He’ll take the time to make sure you like what he’s doing, and even more, that you feel satisfied in the end. He doesn’t want to make you feel awkward, upset, or like you’re being pushed out of your comfort zone. He’ll make it his utmost priority to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable, unsatisfied, or simply bored during the act. That’s a sign someone truly cares for you
  5. He Takes His Time. If he doesn’t want to rush things, then you can be sure he’s not just in it to get his rocks off. He wants to fully enjoy the experience of the two of you together. If he doesn’t rush foreplay, makes sure you feel satisfied before he finishes, and is down to spend even more time together afterward, relaxing and reflecting, then his intentions are true. But if he’s in a rush to get things over and done with, then it may be no more than a simple hook-up for him.
  6. He Wants To Cuddle Afterward. This is another sign that he’s in no rush to finish things quickly. When he wants to spend time holding you after the deed, it means he wants to soak up every moment he can with you. He wants to reminiscence on how good the intimacy feels between the two of you. He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t have strong feelings for you. But if he’s in a rush to just get up and leave afterward, then it could be a sign that his feelings don’t run as deep as you want them to.
  7. He Cares If You Enjoyed It. If he’s asking for feedback at the end of a session – and not just a review of whether his skills in bed were any good – then you can tell he’s prioritizing your feelings. He wants to know if you enjoyed it as much as he did. He’s likely thinking about what he could
  8. He Says ‘I Love You’ In Bed. What more proof do you need that your partner loves you than if they say it when you’re in bed? If he says those special three words to you during the deed, then you can be sure he means it. Saying that to someone during such an intimate time is a big deal, so he wouldn’t carelessly make that mistake. He wants you to know how you make him feel and he’s not holding anything back.
Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.