8 Reason Sarcastic Women Make The Best Girlfriends

Being sarcastic often gets a negative rap and I’m about sick of it. Sarcasm can be extremely healthy in relationships if used in the right way. In fact, I relish being a smartass and I think other women should too.

  1. We have our own unique form of affection and it can be more genuine. Most people that use sarcasm know that it’s best to use it to those that know them well so we don’t risk offending someone. If you’re dating one of us, you can bet that if we’re making our dry comments, it’s because we think highly of you and trust you to understand who we are. We’re less worried we’ll say the wrong thing so we let our guard down to those that mean a great deal to us.
  2. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. There isn’t really anything wrong with being serious—in fact, sometimes it’s essential. Still, when the basis of a relationship is eternally solemn or formal, it kinda takes the magic out of love. If you’re with a sarcastic lady, you can count on the fact that a good portion of the time, the mood will be lightened and things won’t be as dreary. We know how to laugh at ourselves and the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in and that’s super important.
  3. We encourage self-reflection. Sometimes, hearing a sarcastic remark can force the other person to try and figure out exactly what’s being said. For both parties involved, it can push the mind to work a little overtime, not only coming up with the clever responses but figuring out what they mean if you’re on the receiving end of the comment. Creativity within a relationship is something that can be super beneficial and I’ve personally noticed my partner appreciates it as well.
  4. We can more easily diffuse tense situations. Sarcasm can be received a few ways if used in the middle of a fight. A lot of times, it ends up lightening the mood if things become a little too heavy. We sometimes try and tailor our sarcastic remarks so that they’re not cutting but more on the silly side and hopefully our partners will take a step back and get a laugh out of it. This can bring things back down a level so we can really talk about the problem at hand and not be at each other’s throats while doing it.
  5. We’ll prompt more honest answers and often give them ourselves. While I do believe that honesty really is the best policy, there are times I feel backed into a corner and want to lie almost out of habit. Honesty is hard, especially when you’re saying something the other person probably doesn’t want to hear. In those times where something sarcastic has been said and there’s some truth to it, it’s almost heard better than if the truth is just laid flat out there. It’s almost a safe way to bring something that needs to be dealt with to light and it can make the conversation go a bit easier.
  6. We skip the passive aggressive talk. I’m the queen of being passive aggressive, especially in my relationships. Sarcasm has truly helped me get passed this and really helped me up my honesty game, as I’ve said before. If there are times the fight doesn’t necessarily need to be diffused but things are still heavy, it cuts through the run-around and gets you both to the point of the topic at hand. The person on the receiving end probably doesn’t appreciate beating around the bush and if they’re with a woman who drips sarcasm, they don’t have to experience that as often.
  7. We aren’t perfect; we do have our faults. There are times when using sarcasm can completely backfire, so we need to proceed with caution. When those moments come up, understand that the use of sarcasm is more than likely out of habit and not intended to be mean. Be kind and understanding and if apologized to, forgive. It’s our responsibility to know our audience and to evaluate how to handle the situation better next time, but we also deserve to be understood if we happen to make a mistake.
jordan is a writer from salt lake city who enjoys a good steak, her dog, and conversations about how radiohead is awesome. she hopes to be a talking head on some VH1 pop-culture show someday and can curate a playlist for any occasion. when she grows up she wants to be an olsen twin.