8 Reasons I Actually Love To Netflix And Chill

8 Reasons I Actually Love To Netflix And Chill ©iStock/PeopleImages

Netflix and chill seems to be the bane of the dating scene these days, and if you’re looking for an actual long-term relationship, I can totally see why. Personally, however, I love it.

  1. I like knowing what I’m getting myself into. When a guy suggests Netflix and chill as a Friday night plan, I know he’s looking to get laid. If I am too, I’m game. I’m not naive enough to think that all he wants to do is binge the latest season of House of Cards, and I like not having to play the guessing game of whether or not the night is going to lead to sex.
  2. I get what I came for. If that’s what I went for, then I get what I came for. It’s a logical and simple fact, people. I don’t want to go to a guy’s house for Netflix and chill, only to be eating greasy KFC and watching a show I’ve never seen before in complete silence — that’s what actual dating is for.
  3. It’s straightforward and comes with a mutual understanding. If a guy suggests Netflix and chill, he knows what he’s asking for and so do I. Nothing is more awkward than dates where each of us have different expectations, so it’s sorta comforting to know we both know what we’re there for.
  4. There are no strings attached. Sure, emotions can get the better of you, but the beautiful thing about N&C is that generally speaking, it’s a purely sexual arrangement, and the only relationship you want to commit to is the one that has you naked and horizontal together. It’s pretty freeing, actually.
  5. It’s basically a polite way of asking for a one-night stand. What the drive-in movie was for our parents, N&C is for us. Yeah, you might watch a little of what’s on the screen, but things move on pretty quickly from there. You enjoy it or don’t and then go home knowing it was nothing more than what it was. Easy stuff.
  6. It’s great when you’re horny but not ready for a relationship. Another top reason why I love to N&C. If I’m looking for a little sexual intimacy, companionship or an orgasm, it’s the perfect way to get it. We all have needs, but we’re not always ready (or interested in) embarking on an actual relationship.
  7. Sometimes I even get free Netflix out of it. If the shenanigans are going sour (or sometimes it just ain’t working out), at least we can sit there in silence and watch some TV while eating junk food. That might seem a little awkward, but it could lead to another attempt later in the evening.
  8. It’s fun, comfortable and I don’t have to wear pants. I do like the fact that when going to N&C, I don’t actually have to dress myself up and wear uncomfortable shoes and Spanx — I can just go with the casual, minimal makeup look. I mean, most of the time I’m not wearing pants anyway, so that’s a win. I sure do like comfort.