8 Reasons Alcohol & Being Single Don’t Mix

8 Reasons Alcohol & Being Single Don’t Mix ©iStock/PeopleImages

Although a refreshing mixed drink is a nice treat, it doesn’t always guarantee that you’re going to have the best night of your life — especially if you’re single. Here’s why the two don’t really mix:

  1. Alcohol Distorts Your Perception Of Other People’s Appearance. When you’re drinking, you acquire “drunk goggles” that diminish other people’s unattractive traits. You may think a guy is cute, but the next thing you know, you’re waking up in his bed the following morning realizing that he has a Hagrid-like beard that you can’t believe you missed. When you’re on the hunt for a BF while tipsy, you naively ignore undesirable qualities that a sober person would recognize and avoid right away.
  2. Guys Are More Likely To Take Advantage Of You When You’re Drunk. Most girls are aware that guys do this, but many forget as soon as they have their third shot. If a guy you’ve been eyeing for MONTHS is finally talking to you, it’s best to consider why and if his intentions are genuine, especially if both of you have been sipping on an alcoholic drink. Most likely, he’ll realize you’re single and will be eager to use the alcohol in your cup to his advantage.
  3. You’ll Use Alcohol As An Excuse To Finally Kiss Your Crush, Or More. Alcohol seems to always give women undeniable confidence that we just can’t match when we’re sober. However, that doesn’t mean we need to take extreme risks while drinking. Many times, you will wake up regretful and confused and will be questioning the amount of flirting that took place, and if it was even necessary.
  4. You Could End Up In A Terrible Situation. This can vary depending on the person and situation, but many times, we end up throwing up all over ourselves. Hopefully you’re not talking to your crush when your drink decides to make its way out of you. The last thing you need is an embarrassing photo or video posted on Facebook and Twitter. Or worse, Snapchat.
  5. You’re More Likely To Embarrass Yourself. This one goes without saying. Unless you’re an absolute tank, you’ll most likely embarrass yourself one way or another while drinking. Most women can recover from their mishaps, but many single women tend to take more risks, in turn creating more unfavorable situations.
  6. You May Underestimate How Drunk You Are. When you’re drinking mixed drinks especially, it can be easy to forget how many you’ve had. This means that when you’re already too drunk to function, you could think you’re perfectly fine. When you don’t have a BF to cling on to, you could find yourself in a random guy’s arms for the night.
  7. You’ll Seriously Misinterpret Social Cues. You may think you’re totally connecting with a guy at a party, but he could be feeling the complete opposite. When you’re intoxicated, you suddenly become immune to social cues, which could lead to embarrassment and overall unsuccessful courting.
  8. Your Worst Feelings Come Out When You’re Drunk. There seems to always be at least one crying girl at a party/bar/club. Don’t let yourself be that girl, because it WILL go down in history. Especially when you’re single, you tend to let it all out when you’re drinking, which could lead to unwanted friendships that you didn’t even realize you were acquiring.
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