8 Reasons I Can’t Live Without My Alone Time

8 Reasons I Can’t Live Without My Alone Time ©iStock/Geber86

I’m pretty outgoing, but there are times when interacting with other human beings gets on my nerves to the point that I want to lock myself in my apartment and never come out. Yes, I treasure my time with my friends and family, but I can’t survive without my alone time.

  1. It helps me collect my thoughts and feelings. When you’re always around other people, you feed off their energies and distract yourself from your inner thoughts and feelings. Whenever I’m alone, it helps me recognize why I may be upset and angry, in turn accelerating my path to resolution.
  2. It gives me time to focus on my wants and needs. As humans, we are constantly looking for something better to fulfill our already hectic lives. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, I take some time for myself and ask myself what I truly want and need to be happy.
  3. It relaxes me. I don’t know about you, but when I’m laying in bed by myself with some calming music in the background and good smelling candles surrounding me, I get extremely relaxed. At the end of the day, your own well-being is paramount, and taking time to be by yourself is key to relaxing your busy mind and finding inner peace.
  4. It keeps me sane. Work, school, friends and family can often get stressful. If I didn’t spend time alone every so often, I would go insane because alone time is what helps me collect my thoughts and emotions and prioritize the people and responsibilities in my life. Without alone time, I wouldn’t have time to self-reflect and ask myself if I am truly happy.
  5. It makes me more productive. Although I like being social and hanging out with my friends, it distracts me from the daily life tasks I actively avoid. If I didn’t take time for myself every so often, I would never get anything accomplished because I would always let the people in my life sidetrack me from reaching my overall personal and professional goals.
  6. It gives me space to breathe. Whenever I’ve had a long day at work and school, the last thing I want to do is listen to other people talk about their problems. When I’m alone, I get to think about my day and how much I achieved, and analyze whether or not I need to do more. There are only so many hours in the day; I need at least an hour to take a deep breath and figure out my next plan of action.
  7. It makes me appreciate my time with others. The more time I spend alone, the more I start to miss my friends and family. It really is true that sometimes you have to be away from certain people and things in order to miss them, because if you never take time for yourself, you’ll never know what it’s like to not have them in your life.
  8. It helps me sort out my problems. As women, we are extremely complex beings, and that means we have a lot of inner demons that form over the years that can only be resolved individually. Everyone has secrets to hide, and those secrets come to light when you spend time alone because that’s when you’re most vulnerable to your inner thoughts. When you’re by yourself, you ask yourself the hard questions and self-reflect in ways that promote inner peace and healing.
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