8 Not-So-Obvious Reasons The Dating Struggle Is So Real

8 Not-So-Obvious Reasons The Dating Struggle Is So Real ©iStock/Dizitsyn

We always blame ourselves for our crappy dating lives. We automatically assume that any dating rut we’re in is because of us, but there are a lot of reasons you’re not meeting the right guy. The next time your dating life is in the toilet, don’t immediately get down on yourself for it — consider these 8 things, instead:

  1. The ratio of men to women in your city might suck. This may sound like a silly reason, but it’s actually real! Washington D.C., for example, only has about 87 guys per 100 females, according to Bloomberg. Although 87% is usually pretty good odds, that means 13 chicks are automatically left out without considering any other factors, like guys who would rather be single.
  2. The age demographics where you live might not be conducive to finding love. Some places just don’t attract young, single guys — or at least not enough of them. It’s possible you live in one of those places and the pickings are slim. This isn’t your fault and nothing’s wrong with you
  3. You hang out at the wrong spots. If you live in a college town, then it’s likely the bars you’re going to are frequented by college students and men seeking college students. You aren’t going to find a good guy there anyway, so stop looking.
  4. Your friends could be the problem. Before you get insulted, hear me out. There’s nothing wrong with your friends, but it’s possible they’re keeping guys from talking to you for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re super loud and aggressive with guys and you’re laid back and more reserved. Perhaps they drink a lot and get sloppy, which could definitely keep dudes from coming to talk to you. If you’re on a guy hunting mission, they could actually be hurting your game.
  5. You’re beautiful. Well, duh — but guys are big babies and you overwhelm them with your beauty. It’s awe inspiring, really, and since most guys are lacking in the cajones arena, this is definitely one time it’s them and not you.
  6. You go out with guy friends. So this might seem like an awesome idea because you won’t have any competition if there aren’t any other girls, but actually, that herd of men you’re with is like a pride of lions and another guy isn’t going to challenge that.
  7. You don’t smile. So, we all know the struggle is real when you have resting bitch face, and it’s super annoying to be told to smile. But if you endlessly look unapproachable, you wont be approached.
  8. Guys suck. This one isn’t uncommon, but guys are part of the problem, too, so don’t blame yourself!
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