8 Reasons Falling In Love Is So Hard For Strong Women

Slowly but surely, women are being recognized for the amazing, tough, resilient people we are. Strong women are all around, and if you’ve never noticed before, you must be blind. Just like strong men, though, we are human and we have our own weaknesses. Here’s why falling in love is so difficult even when you’re one badass bitch.

We don’t want to compromise our strength.

Truly falling in love with another person means we have to allow ourselves to be soft, and vulnerable and open. We’ve finally gotten to a place where we’re comfortable with our own power, and we’re supposed to give it up? If it’s real love, then we don’t actually relinquish our strength. If anything, it’ll make us stronger. Still, it’s scary to take the risk.

We’re used to going it alone.

Once we’re happy and comfortable alone, it’s very hard to get us back into the world of compromise. Why would we want to deal with someone else’s problems? It’s so much simpler to just deal with our own crap. Obviously the right one will be worth it, but you might have a tough time convincing us of that.

We have a hard time being vulnerable.

We are so used to presenting a confident and impervious front to the world that it’s difficult to shed. Be patient with us. There are a lot of layers to peel away before you can reach our core, but we’re totally worth it. We have endless beauty and love to give, it just takes us a while to let it out.

We don’t trust anyone with our hearts.

We strong women are this way because we’ve had to deal with a lot of pain. We’ve emerged on the other side as steely warriors, but it came at a price. We know how badly it hurts when our hearts are mistreated, and therefore we keep them close and safe. We don’t want to let go and trust only to be beaten down once again.

We don’t believe that anyone can handle us.

Why? We are constantly told that our strength makes us intimidating and less feminine. While this is total BS, it does make it seem like most men are a bunch of little babies who can’t deal with a real woman. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before a guy decides that we’re simply too much to take on.

We have full lives already and it’s difficult to make room.

It’s not that we don’t like you. It’s just that we’ve spent so much time building our own independent, happy lives and we’re busy. It’s a good thing, because we can handle ourselves and we’ll never be clingy burdens. On the other hand, it’s hard for us to make space for relationships. We value everything else we have highly and so unless a man proves himself worthy, there will be no place for him.

We won’t become weak for anyone.

Sometimes a man is attracted to our strength in the beginning, but then wants to submerge it later on. We aren’t going to give up the core of our beings just because you have some silly perception of gender roles. If you don’t feel manly next to our awesomeness, that’s not our problem. We refuse to suppress our true selves just to boost your egos.

We’re very happy the way things are.

Why mess with a good thing? Everyone wants love and affection, of course, but is it worth giving up a great, fulfilling single life? When a woman is happy and secure in her very existence, that in itself is intimidating. Most men have a hard time dealing with it, and don’t want to compete with the perfection we already have going on. It’s hard to fall in love with a man when we’re so busy being in love with our own lives. He’d better be pretty damn special.

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