8 Reasons Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust You, According To A Guy

We all know that trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and without it, you’ll never survive. While there are some pretty obvious signs that your partner doesn’t trust you, the reasons why he doesn’t trust you may be harder to figure out. To help you with the latter, here are some possibilities for what might be happening.

  1. He’s been cheated on before. Obviously, this one isn’t your fault even though you’re left to deal with the fallout. Surely, if you’ve been cheated on before, you can relate to this. It’s hard to trust people afterward and it’s no different for guys who’ve had an ex-girlfriend who was unfaithful. It’s sad and a little unfair that you get the blame for another person’s transgressions but that’s sometimes the way it goes.
  2. You’ve lied to him before. Okay, this one is probably your fault. In fairness, it’s hard to be completely honest with everyone all the time, but if you get caught in a lie, especially if it’s a pointless one, that’s a big deal and it’s sure to erode his trust.
  3. He’s insecure. There are a lot of reasons why a guy might feel insecure. Most of them probably have nothing to do with you but it will be your relationship that suffers the consequences when he feels this way. If a guy is naturally insecure, he’ll be at least a little suspicious and untrusting of his girlfriend. Fortunately, this should go away with time. However, it might take a little overkill in convincing him that he’s the one you want to be with.
  4. He thinks you’re too good for him. It’s a good thing that your boyfriend thinks that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, right? In some ways that’s true, but if he seriously thinks you’re too good for him, he may not trust you to stay with him over the long run. His insecurity will get the best of him and he’ll think that it’s just a matter of time until you leave him for someone better.
  5. He’s cheated on you. It’s funny how this works, huh? If a guy has been unfaithful but you decide to work it out, it’ll dawn in his head that perhaps you’ll be unfaithful too. It sounds silly, but some guys actually think that if they can’t be trusted, it means you can’t be trusted either. Needless to say, it’s more than a little unfair for him not to trust you because he messed up. This is just another example of why it’s so tricky to stay with someone after they’ve cheated on you.
  6. Something went wrong during his childhood. Again, this is far from being your fault but it could have a profound impact on your relationship. People who have serial trust issues usually get that way because something happened to them at a young age. It’s possible he doesn’t trust people because his parents got divorced when he was young. He could have experienced some other trauma that caused him to have trust issues. If you can get him to talk about it, he might be able to work through some of his trust issues. Otherwise, he’ll just be keeping a secret from you that explains why he won’t fully trust you or the relationship.
  7. He senses that you don’t trust him. Have I mentioned that trust can be a tricky thing in relationships? This is another great example of that. You have to keep in mind that trust is a two-way street. I’ll admit that some guys aren’t all that smart, but most of us can sense when you have misgivings about us. Why would we trust you if we get the impression that you don’t trust us? If you can make an effort to prove to a guy that you trust him, he’ll be more likely to make that leap as well.
  8. Your sex life is waning. Like it or not, guys will draw conclusions about the state of their relationship from their current sex lives. Obviously things will cool down a little after the honeymoon phase, but if your sex life suddenly comes to a grinding halt, a man’s mind starts to wander. Unless he knows otherwise, he could think that you’re cheating on him, causing him to stop trusting you. Admittedly, that’s an unfair conclusion for a guy to draw, especially since it’s probably just in his head. Keep in mind that I’m merely the messenger and I know from experience that it doesn’t take much suspicion for a guy to stop trusting his girlfriend.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.