8 Relationship Trends That Are Obnoxious AF & Need To Die

8 Relationship Trends That Are Obnoxious AF & Need To Die ©iStock/franckreporter

Relationships can be pretty much barf-tastic if you’re not one of the two people involved. It’s nice to want to show the world how much you love your partner but the truth is, nobody really cares. You can be happy for a friend who’s finally found love, but deep down you’ll still think how ridiculously stupid all these little relationship trends are and wonder why the hell they’re so popular:

  1. The vacation video. It’s one thing to want to have keepsakes from your time together, but it’s quite another to have your camera constantly going so you can spend hours creating some sort of vacation montage to share on social media. It’s done to death, and seems like it would take away from making actual memories and utilizing the escape aspect of a vacation.
  2. The engagement photo shoot. Yawn. Announcing your engagement is quite enough, and when you do finally make it to the big day, there’s going to be plenty of photos immortalizing your love for one another. There is no need to document the fact that you got engaged with photos unless it’s of the actual moment he popped the question (and even then, please proceed with caution).
  3. The Jack and Jill. “We’re engaged, now give us money!” is basically what the Jack and Jill is saying and it’s just another unnecessary party leading up to the wedding. If you can’t afford a wedding, don’t have one. Asking your friends and family to fund your love is tacky.
  4. The Facebook overshare. Everybody knows those couples — the ones that document literally everything they do on Facebook or share cutesy quotes and lovey-dovey memes to each other’s walls constantly. It’s popular for new loves and it’s so in your face, you have to wonder why they’re trying so hard to prove their love — or rather, to mark their territory.
  5. The ‘We’re a Happy Couple’ photo shoot. This is in line with the engagement photo shoot, except it’s worse because there’s no actual occasion to celebrate. Hiring a professional photographer to take adorable— yet staged — shots of you and your partner is horribly overdone and just plain silly. Unless you’re trying to sell your photos to Shutterstock, just stop.
  6. The matching tattoo. Getting a tattoo together can be seen as a bonding experience, but to most of us with a brain, it’s just a stupid decision. Tattoos are for life and relationships fail as often as they succeed, so branding yourself with some weird image or even each other’s name is probably one of the dumbest things a person can do.
  7. The identical outfit. Go on Instagram, type in #matchingcouples, and you’ll find an array of vomit-inducing images of couples rocking the same outfit. They think it’s adorable, but for the rest of us it’s laughable, and not in the good way.
  8. The “we’re not pregnant” photo shoot. If you have any social media account, you’ve probably seen people taking mock pregnancy photo shoots, except instead of a baby bump, they’re sporting a burrito in hand or a dog on their lap. Although humorous, this trend is in itself annoying and makes you wonder how these couples have so much time on their hands.
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