8 Signs A He’s Ready For A Serious Relationship, According To A Guy

For women, I imagine there are few things as frustrating as trying to get a guy to commit to a serious relationship. You may get lucky and find one who doesn’t play any games when it comes to commitment, but we all know that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Part of the key is knowing when a guy is actually ready for a serious relationship so that you don’t get your hopes up or waste your time with one who’s not. Here are a few positive signs to look out for.

  1. He uses the word “date.” I know this sounds like it’s just semantics, but this kind of thing matters. Saying the word “date” is more formal terminology than when a guy says he just wants to “hang out” with you. Hanging out is for casual relationships, but when a guy asks you on a proper date, he knows that dating can lead to something more serious. If he’s careful about the terminology he uses and is eager to take you out properly, it’s more likely that he’ll be ready to be a proper boyfriend.
  2. He makes time for you. Serious relationships are all about making the other person a priority. In other words, you always make time for that person. This can manifest in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as returning your calls or texts quickly rather than making you wait. More often, it’s just making sure that he makes himself available to spend time with you. Any guy who shows that he understands this is ready for the real deal.
  3. He’s always around. The top priority in a serious relationship is just being there for the other person. Guys who are ready for this level of commitment won’t ghost on you or disappear even when things are difficult. They’re never out of touch and you can always get into contact with them. They make sure they’re always reachable because they want to be around you no matter what. If you find a guy like that, rest assured that he’s the real deal.
  4. His friends are relationship people. You shouldn’t judge a guy solely by his friends, but if he hangs around exclusively with couples, he’s probably more ready for a relationship than if his friends are single. If nothing else, he’ll be a little more familiar with the lifestyle of people in a serious relationship. He should also have many of his commitment fears squashed by hanging out with couples. This means he’ll be ready to be more ready to be in a relationship himself.
  5. He’s willing to be intimate with you. Hopefully, we all understand the difference between sex and intimacy. The latter means a guy is affectionate with you outside the bedroom. It also means opening up to you both physically and emotionally. Men who are able to do this should undoubtedly be emotionally ready for a more serious relationship.
  6. He keeps it real. Sorry if that phrasing sounds stupid, but it’s true. A guy who’s ready to be in a serious relationship will not feel like he has to be someone else around you. He’ll show you his true colors and all sides of himself. Hopefully, you’re able to figure out when a guy is holding something back or not being himself. Instead of trying to impress you or be who he thinks you want him to be, a guy who’s ready for something serious will only worry about being himself.
  7. He’s willing to compromise. More than anything, compromise is a sign of maturity. A guy who’s willing to compromise understands that not everything is about him. He knows that your needs and wishes are important too. These are the kinds of things that tend to be important in a serious relationship. If a guy seems down to compromise, he likely has the maturity to handle a proper partnership.
  8. He wants you to meet his friends and family. Guys who are ready for a serious relationship know that this is usually a pre-requisite. After all, how serious can things be if you haven’t met the important people in one another’s lives? Of course, just make sure he wants you to meet his family and friends. This is different from you asking or possibly coercing him into making the introductions. If a guy suggests that the time has come for you to meet his friends and family, it means he’s ready to get serious. Perhaps more importantly, he means that he wants the relationship to go in this direction.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.