8 Signs He Wants To End Things But Doesn’t Know How, According To A Guy

Even if you know a relationship is over, it’s never easy to break up with someone, even for guys. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize right away that we want to end things and because of it, we hem and haw until we can figure out what to do. However, I will say that there are certain behaviors that signal that a guy wants to get out of a relationship. If you notice these things happening, it’s likely that he wants to break up with you.

  1. He resists spending time together. It’s somewhat easy for a guy to find excuses for why he doesn’t want to spend time with you, but some of those excuses are reasonable while others don’t hold any water and make it clear that he’d rather be anywhere else. When his reasons for being unavailable are way too transparent, it’s obvious that he’s moving past the relationship and is trying to push you away. He may not even realize he’s doing it, but he most definitely is.
  2. He doesn’t hide his interest in other women. Okay, it’s truth-telling time. Men in a relationship will still check out other women, we just know how to be discreet about it. Well, at least we think we do. However, when a guy starts to think that a relationship is close to being over, he doesn’t even try to be sly when scoping out what’s available. If you catch a guy leering at other women in front of you, he’s no longer worried about hurting your feelings because deep down, he wants to break up with you.
  3. He’s self-deprecating. By nature, some guys are humble and self-deprecating, especially early in relationships. But when he suddenly becomes insistent about talking himself down later in a relationship, it’s possible he’s trying to get out of it. It’s a subtle way of trying to convince a woman that he’s not good enough for her. He does this because he’s covertly trying to get you to question the relationship. Basically, he wants you to break up with him so that he doesn’t have to do it.
  4. He’s always in a bad mood. In a happy and healthy relationship, both people should get a mood boost just from being around the other person. To be fair, we’re all entitled to a bad day every now and then, but when he’s constantly in a bad mood, it doesn’t bode well for the relationship. While there could be other reasons for his foul mood, one possibility is that he’s done with you and is looking for a way out.
  5. He gives you the cold shoulder. When a relationship has run its course, he’ll have no interest in being affectionate. He may still sleep with you, but there will be no other physical contact. In fact, he might even pull away from you if you try to show him affection. This is a clear sign of his lack of interest and willingness to end the relationship.
  6. He forgets important dates. Yes, men have a bad reputation for not remembering important dates in a relationship, but when a guy won’t make the effort to write them down or put them in his calendar, you know that he’s no longer invested in things. After all, why would he care about an anniversary in a relationship he won’t be in much longer? At this point, he’s mentally checked out and that’s not a good sign.
  7. He values negatives more than positives. Early in a relationship, we always get caught up in the things we like about the other person. In good relationships, things tend to stay like that. But when he becomes fixated on the things he doesn’t like about you, things are coming to an end. He’ll spend more time complaining than complimenting. Often, this is one of those things that men don’t notice right away, but it’s always a good indicator that a guy wants to break up with you and is subsconsiously pushing you away.
  8. He picks fights. This is the classic example of pushing someone to break up with you so you don’t have to do it yourself. When you don’t care about the future of a relationship, you have no problem starting fights. It doesn’t even matter what the fight is about. If you notice a guy is constantly starting fights, there’s something wrong with the relationship. Odds are, he wants to give you a good reason to end the relationship so he doesn’t have to be the bad guy.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.