8 Signs He’s An Eternal Bachelor Who’ll Never Grow Up

8 Signs He’s An Eternal Bachelor Who’ll Never Grow Up ©iStock/g-stockstudio

There’s a chance you might be dating an eternal bachelor. If your guy seems to have zero relationship experience or if he grimaces anytime someone utters the word “marriage,” he definitely fits in this category. If you’re looking for someone to share these big life milestones with, you might want to run now — especially if he exhibits these signs:

  1. None of your conversations are particularly serious. Forget marriage — this guy can’t even make solid plans for the weekend. While the two of you had about a solid week of “getting to know you” chatter, it seems like it’s really died off since. He can’t really commit to a set schedule — in fact, he hates knowing that there’s a big event coming up, since he might develop FOMO if something more interesting pops up out of the blue.
  2. He has no problem asking Mom and Dad for money. He makes his own money doing something you’re not totally sure of (since he never really gave you much detail about it) but he also has no problem getting handouts from Mom and Dad — or asking them to help contribute to his rent and bills. That said, he doesn’t really know the value of a dollar, and it seems like he’s just not ready to grow up and tackle financial issues on his own.
  3. His Facebook profile pictures feature various women who you’ve never met before. It’s always someone different, and if you’re ballsy enough to ask who it is, he shrugs it off and says it’s “an old friend.” You’ve seen no evidence of these friends before. Likely, it’s someone who was in and out of this guy’s life pretty quickly.
  4. At first, he seems a little too good to be true. You can’t figure out why this guy is still on the market — I mean, he’s pretty much perfect. Eternal bachelors are all about great first impressions, and love to put their best foot forward. While this guy might just skirt the stereotype, don’t be surprised if he starts fading, or telling you he’s “not looking for anything serious” after a month of total wooing.
  5. Many of his past relationships ended because “she was nuts.” The whole nuts-lady stereotype is a perfect “out” for a guy who doesn’t want to give too many details. I mean, we’ve all met weirdos before, and we probably have a few ex-BFFs who entered the nuts zone as we got older. If they’re all “nuts,” he either has the worst luck in the entire world, or lead them on enough to have them believe he’d be proposing any day. It’s probably the latter. Just saying.
  6. He’s out with his guy friends almost every night. It’s totally normal for him to have nights when he’s just hanging with the guys. But, these nights happen almost seven days a week. He just can’t figure out how to carve out any time for just the two of you — and while it was endearing at first, that he had such a solid friend group, you know that nothing’s going to change. He’s just not a relationship guy.
  7. His friends are all single. Speaking of his friends, none of them are in long-term relationships. It’s true that you can identify a guy based on the company he keeps, and if his friends are all unattached, there’s a good chance he won’t be the one guy to change that whole dynamic around.
  8. All of his money goes towards fun stuff. Besides rent and utilities (if he has his own place) his paycheck goes straight to alcohol, nights out, video games, and new clothes. While it’s important to treat yourself every now and then — otherwise, what’s the point of living? — he doesn’t have a savings account, or bother to upgrade any of his home accessories. This is a guy with maybe one set of silverware that he got at the clearance rack at Target a decade ago. His purchases definitely reflect his personality, and for him, that reflection is yelling out “bachelor forever.”
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