8 Signs Your Summer Fling Could Be The Real Thing

8 Signs Your Summer Fling Could Be The Real Thing ©iStock/AleksandarNakic

Summer is made for iced coffees, BBQs, lazy days at the beach and flirtatious summer flings. Sometimes, though, even when we assign a relationship an expiration date, it takes on a mind of its own and morphs into something more. If your summer fling is showing these 8 signs, then it may be heading into more serious territory:

  1. It’s more than skin deep. Casual summer romances tend to be all about that physical attraction. You’re flirting and hooking up but it doesn’t get much deeper than that. If you two have developed a connection on another level, sharing personal details and genuinely caring about each other, then chances are things might not end just because the summer does.
  2. You’re close even if you’re not serious. You’re not rushing to get married anytime soon, but you’ve still developed a rare level of closeness in the short time you’ve spent together. You both feel at ease when you’re around each other and there’s actually intimacy when you hook up. The closer you become, the more apparent it gets that you two could have a future.
  3. You’re both putting in effort. Will he happily binge watch your latest Netflix obsession? Does he always keep your favorite drink stocked? He’s thoughtful and caring and doing these little things shows it. Actions speak pretty damn loud and this makes it obvious that he’s willing to put in effort to make you happy.
  4. You’re accidentally exclusive. It started out as purely casual, but somewhere along the way you’ve both stopped flirting with other people and have completely neglected Tinder. After all, the only person you want to date is already right in front of you. You might not have officially defined it, but it sounds like you’re exclusive.
  5. You’ve met the friends. Friends’ opinions are important, so it’s not likely that either of you will introduce yours to just anyone. If he’s bringing you around his group and has been enthusiastic about meeting yours, then it’s likely he wants you to stick around. Bonus points if you snag their approval!
  6. You’re casually planning ahead. Maybe you’ve talked about going to a concert that’s coming up in the fall or you two can’t wait to check out that new restaurant opening in September. It might have been an innocent slip, but he’s casually mentioned plans that extend beyond the summer.
  7. You’ve seen each other’s bad side too. One of the best things about a casual relationship is that you can jump ship at any moment. If you’ve seen each other’s bad sides but are still sticking around, it’s a pretty good indication that your fling could be something more.
  8. You could see a future together. No, you’re not talking about kids or picking out china together, but you can’t shake that nagging feeling that your casual relationship has some future potential. You two may have agreed to say goodbye at the end of summer, but now you’re realizing that’s no longer what you want. It sounds like it’s time to have an honest conversation and find out if the seasonal expiration date still applies.
Kait is a freelance writer and digital marketing coordinator living in Toronto. She's the founder and managing of Spark Social Agency. You can find her on Twitter @kaitshiels.