8 Signs Your Relationship Is Holding You Back

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Holding You Back ©iStock/Aleksandar Nakic

Ideally you would be in a relationship with someone who wants to see you better yourself. But is your boyfriend secretly sabotaging you from succeeding at reaching your goals? It might be tough to tell, but here are eight signs that you probably need to say goodbye if you want to accomplish bigger and better things in life.

  1. He gets jealous when you accomplish something. Nothing can just be celebration when it comes to him. Whenever something good happens to you, he ends up throwing a pity party for himself. He talks about him needing to get his act together. But it’s mostly all talk and it ruins your vibe.
  2. You can’t make a decision about your future without him trying to interfere. Ideally you would be in a relationship where you both can support each other. Sometimes that means falling back and letting the other person make the right decision of themselves. But if your guy always questions you or makes you doubt yourself, then that’s a problem.
  3. He always says he’s scared you’re going to leave him behind. Change can be scary, especially when it comes to a relationship. But if he is constantly saying this without actively trying to change with you, then he’s almost saying that he wants you to stop what you’re doing. That isn’t fair. He’s not taking responsibility for his own actions.
  4. When you try to save he still burns through money. Perhaps your goal is to save for your future and your finances are intertwined. If you made your goal clear to him, but he’s still needlessly blowing through your savings then that is a huge red flag. Not only is he saying that he doesn’t care about your goal. He’s saying that he has more rights to your money.
  5. Making a plan for the future is always put off. Maybe you have mentioned that you both need to talk about where you both see yourselves down the road. But does he somehow always find a way to wiggle out of it? Your first instinct might be to wait and see if he comes around, but that’s usually not fair to you. If he’s not mature enough to have the conversation, then you should really think if it’s worth it.
  6. Or he doesn’t stick to the plan at all. You came up with a plan and you were very excited. You really thought things were going to change for the better. However it looks like completely he forgot about it, and when you bring it up he acts like you’re pressuring him to do something he doesn’t want to do. You’re not his parent so don’t waste your enjoying on trying to push him in the right direction if he doesn’t want it.
  7. Instead of supporting or motivating you, he leaves you hanging. So you had a bad day, or a setback to reaching your goal. Your guy sees you upset, but he doesn’t do much or say anything. You want to be with someone who sees the best in you and makes you feel like you can do it. If he doesn’t support you when you’re down, it’s probably because he hopes you fail.
  8. He accuses you of changing as if that’s a bad thing. Some people don’t like seeing others better themselves when they feel very insecure. Sometimes they lash out by making you feel like the bad guy. It’s a terrible thing to do and you should walk away if it gets to that point.
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