8 Signs You’re In A Dead End Relationship

8 Signs You’re In A Dead End Relationship ©iStock/alynst

Are you ready for a relationship with the guy you’ve been seeing, but suspect he’s just in it for the fling? Or does he call you his girlfriend, but he still doesn’t seem to see you together long-term? If he’s sending you “mixed signals” (in other words, he’s not treating you like the gem that you are), here are some tell-tale signs that this relationship probably isn’t going anywhere:

  1. He can’t commit to making plans with you ahead of time. If he’s only willing to hang out spur of the moment, he’s not being “spontaneous” — he’s waiting to see if something better will come along. And if he can’t commit to time with you, he certainly can’t commit to you as a person.
  2. He prioritizes time with his friends over time with you. If he spends every weekend night drinking beer with his buddies instead of on a date with you — or worse, he’s ditched you to hang out with them —stop wasting your time. The number one spot on his priority list is already taken.
  3. You only see each other when it’s convenient for him. You change your schedule around to work around his. You always meet him at his place, or at the bar where he’s hanging out with his boys. If this sounds familiar, it’s because he only wants to see you when it works for him. A guy that really wants to spend time with you will go out of his way to make sure it happens.
  4. He hasn’t introduced you to this family. Keeping you hidden from his family after you’ve been dating for a month or so probably means that he doesn’t see your relationship going anywhere, so it’s not worth the hassle. A guy that really cares about you will be excited to show you off to his loved ones.
  5. He doesn’t return your texts or calls. We live in the 21st century, people. There’s almost no excuse for him not to get back to you, at some point and in some form. A guy who cares about you will never want you to feel like you’re being ignored, and he’ll find a way to reach you — even if it’s by messenger pigeon.
  6. In fact, he doesn’t call you at all. Texting and instant messaging are awesome, easy and convenient. But if he can’t have a verbal conversation with you at least once in awhile when you’re apart, his favorite method of communication may be how he views your relationship: easy and convenient.
  7. You never hang out without having sex. Relationships—real ones—are about more than just sex. If you’ve never “hung out” by doing something that involves getting to know each other, it’s time to move on.
  8. He doesn’t want to make your relationship public. It sounds stupid and trivial, but if you’ve been seeing each other for awhile and he’s still hesitating to post pictures of the two of you on social media, be wary. He probably either doesn’t want people to know he’s dating (to keep his options open) or doesn’t want to deal with the “drama” WHEN the two of you split.
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