8 Signs You’re Totally Done With Almost Relationships

We’ve all settled for something that wasn’t quite casual, but wasn’t actually committed, either, and it can destroy you a little inside. With experience, however, comes a glorious dating milestone where you decide you’re far too good for that stuff, and if you’re doing these things, you’ve probably reached it:

  1. Excuses don’t work with you anymore. Whether he’s telling you he’s afraid to get hurt, or he just needs to take it slow before he can commit, you’re not going to accept it for long before you move on. While taking things slow is totally reasonable, staying in the same undefined and stagnant spot for the better part of a year isn’t.
  2. You know exactly what you want. Having spent so much time putting yourself out there in the search for love, you’ve narrowed down exactly what you expect from a relationship, and what you just can’t tolerate. It’s not that your expectations are too high, it’s more that you’ve just acquired a low tolerance for BS.
  3. You love yourself more than you love him. Loving yourself is the best defense you have against guys who are bad news. Once you learn to fully appreciate your own value, you stop settling for guys who refuse to commit to someone as awesome as you are.
  4. Guys who play games become instantly unappealing. The bad boy appeal starts to disappear and consistency and logic becomes sexy instead. When you’re totally done with the almost relationship game, the guy who tries to play it becomes suddenly so unattractive to you.
  5. You notice red flags from a mile away. After experiencing an almost relationship, or a few of them, you get really good at picking out what you need to be aware of. Gone are the days when you let him fool you and make excuses, because now you understand what the next guy is all about and end it before it gets out of hand.
  6. You’re fine with being alone and actually would prefer it. Instead of being desperate and clinging to a guy who won’t make you his girl, you’re totally cool with being single. You start to understand that while being in a real relationship is great, being in an undefined one is pointless, and you’re happier alone and without the headache.
  7. You’re too old for that stuff. Lets face it, while age is just a number, we aren’t getting any younger either. Not only do we not have time to keep messing around, but we’re also too mature and experienced to have any patience left for it. When you realize you’re on a totally different emotional maturity level than he is, you’ll be more than happy to walk the other way.
  8. You don’t give him the choice to make you an option. When he makes you an option, you no longer give him the choice. In the past you may have made excuses for him, or just shrugged it off, but now you know his behavior is totally unworthy of you. After all, if he doesn’t appreciate you now, chances are, he probably never will.