8 Things You Should Remind Yourself Of Every Day

Being a total badass takes a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. It doesn’t always feel that way, though, which is why these mantras are there to inspire you and keep you pushing forward when things get tough.

  1. People don’t tell you who you are — you tell them. Sure, listening to other people’s opinion is important sometimes, but at the end of the day, you’re still the boss of your life. You get to tell the world who you truly are, not the other way around. No one else gets to dictate who you are and what you do. Don’t ever forget that.
  2. Success is a series of small wins. Killing it in every facet of life can be exhausting. You’re bound to have days when it feels like everything that can go wrong does, and you just want to take off the cape and give up. Thankfully, you’re smart enough to know that life is all about the small wins as well as the big ones. Cherish even the smallest achievement because they’re yours.
  3. Actually, you can. How can you achieve something if you don’t believe in yourself? As John Green once wrote, “This world is not a wish-granting factory, so stop wishing for things to happen.” Instead, you go make them happen because you can. Whenever anyone tries to tell you that you’re not up to a particular task, you’re more motivated than ever to accomplish it.
  4. You can do epic crap today. Of course you can! If you think you’re not strong enough, remember this mantra. If you think you’re too tired to keep going, remember this mantra. We all get tired. We all have moments where we’d rather be on the benches than in the field, and those moments are valid. It’s okay to feel tired and to doubt yourself. That’s being human. But regardless of how you feel, always acknowledge the fact that you’re capable of doing epic crap – today, tomorrow, always.
  5. When in doubt, say yes. Some people would say you have to think first before saying yes, but that’s not always true. I’m not saying when you say yes, you’ll succeed, but you will at least learn a valuable lesson that will allow you to grow and evolve as a person. Be open to experiencing success, failure, and everything in between — and don’t let doubt lead you to places you’re not willing to go. Instead, let your YES walk you through.
  6. Even shooting stars must fall to learn how to soar. That’s a quote from the ever-amazing poet Nikita Gill and it makes an amazing morning mantra. The world is so obsessed with perfection and it can sometimes be demoralizing. Instead of aiming for perfection, be reminded that falling has its share of beauty too. It’s not really so bad at all.
  7. It’s up to you to make it happen. Maybe it’s cliche, but that’s only because it’s true. This is one of the best phrases to repeat to yourself every single minute of your life, not just when you wake up. People think because you’re independent, you can handle everything on your own. Maybe you can, but having a little help is always welcome. Unfortunately, it’s not always there when you need it. No one else can make big things happen in your life — that’s up to you.
  8. You are one tough bitch. It’s time to go out there and prove it. That doesn’t mean you have to prove to every stranger how tough you are 24/7 — it just means you need to live each day knowing that you’re tough as hell and there’s nothing you can’t handle. You don’t need a man with you to take on the world. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve on your own with your grace, power, intelligence, and your wit. You’ve got this.
Part-poet, part-writer, and full-blooded human megaphone of the oppressed, Tammy focuses on covering heavy topics. To keep herself sane, she also writes about pop culture, life, and anything gay. She gets by with the smell of typewriter and sound of tattoo machines.