8 Tips To Give Him the Best Sex Ever

Want to give the guy in your life the best sex ever? It’s easier than you think Whether you’re in a new relationship or with someone for a long time, you can still blow his mind in bed. Just when you think you’ve done it all, you can always find new things to do or creative twists on the old standards. If there’s one thing that will make him think he is getting the best sex ever, it is keeping your love life fresh and interesting. Here are a few of the best sex tips to get you going.

  1. Get verbal. If there’s one thing that drives men crazy, it is hearing how much you love having sex with them. You don’t have to talk dirty (although it’s something most men love and it is worth trying), but any kind of verbalization is a good thing. If you’re shy about being verbal when you’re having sex, start with moans, groans, and sighs when he is doing something you like. Once you’re comfortable with that, move on to short statements like, “Yes, right there!” or “Please, more.” It gets easier and easier and pretty soon you’ll be sighing, “Yes, I love it when you…” or “I want you to…”
  2. Get on top. For many women, this can be challenging. When he’s on the bottom, he can see everything… but that’s the point. He can see your body move, see the look on your face, and best of all, his hands are free to touch you all over. Even though you might be self-conscious about the way your body jiggles and bounces, it’s a tremendous turn-on for him. As a bonus, he’ll enjoy letting you take charge and seeing what you do to create more pleasure for yourself. This is one of the simplest yet most effective tips for the best sex you’ll ever hear.
  3. Introduce him to your toys. You may have always thought of your sex toys as something that’s for solo play only but many toys can be used when you’re with your man. You think those vibrations feel good to you? Then why wouldn’t they feel good for him too? The most standard of sex toys, the bullet vibrator, can be used in a lot of ways and they don’t have to involve insertion.
  4. Let him watch. If you think that he enjoyed watching you when you were on top of him, you can increase his pleasure by letting him watch you pleasure yourself. It’s a great way to get things started. You can even make it a game. Let him “catch you in the act” by getting started without him. Morning is a great time for this little game because most men wake up with that morning wood and nothing to do with it. Imagine if he woke up to find you with the sheets thrown back and in the midst of some morning masturbation?
  5. Include talking in foreplay. Dirty talk doesn’t just have to be for sex and foreplay can start long before you actually get to the bedroom. Send him frisky text messages. Phone him at work and say, “I was just thinking of how much I want to ___ tonight,” and then hang up. Over dinner, tell him about the sexy thoughts that went through your mind during the day. When you plant the thought, when you feed the desire, sex is so much better later on. If you want to have the best sex ever, this is one of the most vital tips you’ll ever hear.
  6. Get dressed for sex. Whether it is in the bedroom or on date night, dress like you’re going to have sex. Find some lingerie or undies that you know he enjoys seeing you in. Every man is different so learn what his tastes are. When you’re getting ready to go out for an event, strut around the room in the lacy thong and matching bra and let him have a good look. Better yet, don’t be afraid to show off the cleavage a little if you know he’s into that kind of thing. Do it because you know he’ll be thinking dirty thoughts about you all night long. But also, dress for sex because it makes you feel sexy and ready for fun times.
  7. Kegel like no one is watching. Because no one is. Doing kegel exercises is one of the easiest things to do to make sex better for him and for you. You can do it at work, while watching television, while driving, or anywhere else you think of doing them. Once you get into the habit of doing them, you won’t even think about all the kegeling that is going on down south.
  8. Get rid of your preconceived ideas about sex. This is likely the most important thing you can do both for him and for yourself. If you think oral is gross, challenge yourself to consider why. If you think you can only have sex in the bedroom, try fantasizing about sex in other rooms – or even outside of the house. When we get stuck in our preconceived ideas about sex, we minimize the pleasure we can give and have.

While all of these tips will help you be well on your way to the best sex ever, feel free to do your own research and try new things!

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.