8 Ways Men Know They’re With The Right Woman, According To A Guy

One of the most important questions any of us will ever ask ourselves is whether or not our current romantic partner is the right person for us. It’s not an issue to be taken lightly, especially because if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you want it to be with the right person or not. These are some things that make us guys sure that we’ve found her.

  1. We’re compelled to share everything. For some guys, feeling compelled to share everything about themselves with another person is a strong indication that a person is right for them. We all know that guys can sometimes be a little closed off. We like to play things close to the vest and keep a few things secret from our partners. But when we find ourselves unafraid to sharing everything, both highs and lows, with someone, it’s a good sign that they’re right for us. If a guy scares you a little with his oversharing, it could actually be a sign that he thinks you could be “The One.”
  2. She has strong relationships with the people she loves. Guys don’t want to see their girlfriend showing love to everyone else, but seeing a woman have good relationships with her parents, siblings, and friends can definitely give us a strong nudge toward thinking she’s “The One” (or at least that she could be). That’s not to say you need a perfect relationship with your family for a guy to love you, but there’s something comforting about seeing a woman who gives tremendous amounts of love to the people in her life and receives it right back.
  3. We can really laugh together. I’m always amazed at how people forget how important laughter is in a relationship. Deep down, a lot of us guys are just big, goofy kids that want to laugh and enjoy ourselves. Being with someone who makes us laugh and is willing to laugh with us is huge. If that’s missing from a relationship, we’re more likely to have second thoughts about that person being right for us. If we know we can always find a way to laugh with someone, we’re more likely to feel like we could be with that person forever.
  4. We’re inexplicably willing to do anything and everything for her. There will always be exceptions to this, but I think most guys know enough to be nice to their girlfriends. Still, there’s a big difference between being nice and doing whatever it takes to make someone happy. When we start going out of our way to please someone we’re dating, we start thinking that she’s the one for us. The funny thing is that it’s almost involuntary. We just instinctively start going the extra mile for someone and that’s how we know.
  5. She always looks beautiful. Yes, guys are shallow and care a lot about looks. Obviously, the right person for us will always be someone we’re attracted to physically. It’s easy to be attracted to someone the first time you see them and early in a relationship, but when that attraction never fades, guys tend to know they’re with the right person. For us, it’s all about finding someone whose face we always look forward to seeing.
  6. We envision a different future. Most guys tend to have some vision for what their future will look like. We also tend to be a little stubborn about fulfilling it without letting anything get in our way. But when that vision starts to change, it’s a sign that we’re with the right person. Suddenly, our vision for the future starts to revolve around her. Meanwhile, everything else becomes a little less important. Honestly, it’s kind of a shock to our system, which is why guys can sometimes be fearful of commitment. Still, it does happen when we think we’re with the right person.
  7. We’re willing to give in. Spoiler alert: guys are stubborn. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s funny how the right woman can almost always make us ease up on our stubbornness, at least a little. We start to listen a little more and might actually give in when the person we’re dating makes a good point. If you notice this subtle change in your boyfriend, it could mean that he’s starting to see you as his forever person.
  8. She’s unselfish in bed. No, it’s not all about sex, but that will inevitably play a role in finding the right person. I think we can all agree that both men and women are occasionally guilty of being a little selfish in bed. But being with someone who actually cares if you enjoy yourself in bed can make a guy think he’s with the right person. I’m sure it’s the same way for women too, but it’s more than this for us. People who are unselfish in bed and more likely to be unselfish in life, don’t you think? That’s a huge part of being in a relationship that’s meant to last. That’s why most guys think that an unselfish bed partner is someone they could be with forever.
Bryan Zarpentine is a freelance writer and editor whose work can be seen in many forms throughout the Information Superhighway.