8 Ways to Do You and Be a Boss

We all want to get from a concrete point A to an indefinable point B, but we probably don’t quite know where to start. Here are some fool-proof tips on getting more in touch with your inner rockstar.

Figure out who you are. Who we are at our core should always make us feel powerful. Believe in the person you want to become, and work towards getting yourself acquainted with her. Dapple in what makes you feel enthused and go from there. The better it makes you feel about yourself, the more potential there is to turn it into something legitimate.

Own what makes you special. Only you know the breadth and depth of your capability. You could be the most talented person in the room, but if you aren’t taking risks and working towards putting yourself out there you’ll remain undiscovered.

Invest in yourself, not just in bags and shoes. While it’s important to always aesthetically aim to put your best foot forward, an investment in yourself should be one in which you’re building a portfolio of effects and habits that help propel you into further becoming the person you envision. Whether it’s blaringly tangible or a little less so, like buying a higher quality camera for better image resolution, or getting more sleep so that you can have time in the mornings to kick-start your day on a positive note, these things should act as robust tools that better you.

Care about what you’ve got, not what you wish you had. An attitude of gratitude is a key driving-force of highly successful people. If you can’t be thankful for what you already have, you’ve already lost. Say all of your wildest dreams do come true, what makes you think that you’ll magically have a shift in perspective and will be able to recognize all of your accomplishments? Think about where you’re sitting now vs. where you were five years ago. I’d bet money that you’ve overcome some major obstacles and consummated some impressive feats that you’re not currently giving yourself credit for.

Hold on to the good ones – they’re hard to come by. These people are crucial. Give them the credit they’re due and never let them go. Not everyone, in fact not most people, are sitting in your balcony the way these steadfast rocks are.

Do something worthwhile every day. Put the work in. We’re a generation of instant gratification. If you don’t already know this, take note now: nothing worth having ever comes easily. Have you heard of the Japanese Kaizen method? It means that improvements are made on a continuous incremental basis. All great exploits are accomplished in this way; they do not and will not happen overnight. You can read more about Kaizen here.

Don’t give up when you take 2 steps back. If you take nothing away from this article but this, that’s fine; DO NOT second-guess yourself. This is hard, and sometimes I even have trouble with it. The word progress would not exist without its counterpart, regress. Regression is an inevitable part of progression. Don’t beat yourself up over minor pitfalls and setbacks. We learn the most from these; be thankful for them. Pledge extreme allegiance to the struggle; knowing that born from defeat is a more enhanced, resilient version of yourself.

Be your own advocate. The most intimate relationship you’ll have in life is the one you have with yourself; so water the crap out of it. Life is so much more enjoyable when you appreciate and tend to the soul inside of you. This may come across as outlandish, but sometimes I physically pat myself on the back. Make a habit of being proud of and happy with yourself. And if you’re feeling incredibly down and out and need some inspiration, call one of the people that crossed your mind when you read #5.

Calli is a twenty-something business professional in the energy industry. In her spare time, she’s a cat mom, wine drinker, homebody socialite and somewhat of a rebel. You can find her at all hours exercising her intellectual curiosity in all things truth, love and self-betterment. You can read her blog here and find her on Instagram here.

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