9 Annoyances You’ll Relate To If You’re A Girl Who’s Just One Of The Boys

9 Annoyances You’ll Relate To If You’re A Girl Who’s Just One Of The Boys ©iStock/AmmentorpDK

Being one of the boys might sound like a blast and it definitely can be, but it has its downsides too. When you’re a heterosexual single woman, it’s hard to find a good guy in general — and when all the boys see you as part of the pack, finding love can feel downright impossible. Here’s why:

  1. You’re always “just a friend.” When the guys see you as one of the boys, sometimes it feels like you’re no longer a girl, at least not to them. You have no potential as a future love interest. Falling in love with your best guy friend is strictly forbidden, because even if you do, you’re not the girl he always dreamed of — you’re just one of the guys.
  2. Grown men act like gross boys around you. Since you’re just one of the guys, boys aren’t afraid to be themselves, and not in a good way. At the very root, boys are pretty damn disgusting. They put on their manners around you, but around each other, that all goes out the window. It’s a sight no woman should ever have to see, but when you’re one of the boys, it’s just something you have to live with.
  3. Your friends’ girlfriends are always suspicious of you. They just don’t understand why a girl constantly hangs out with a bunch of boys she has no interest in. It’s the old school notion that men and women can never just be friends. It’s outdated logic, but when a girl lacks confidence, it’s just how she feels. It’s a reflection of her, not you, but it sucks all the same.
  4. You don’t know how to act around other women. You’re so used to being with the boys that you forget the differences between men and women. You forget how women act around each other and the things they talk about. Before you know it you’re the odd woman out, and you’d give just about anything to be back with the boys.
  5. Your guy friends never set you up. While you’re the perfect wing woman, they never return the favor. They don’t know how to hook you up with other guys or sell you on your best qualities. They know you as just another guy, not someone’s dream girl.
  6. Good luck finding girl talk. The way guys talk and what they talk about is nothing like girl talk. You don’t have a space to vent your problems and you don’t have peers to build you up when you’re feeling down. Guys brush off the emotions while girls dive right in. They don’t want to hear about the new guy in your life or how the girl at work was being a total bitch — that’s what girlfriends are for.
  7. You excuse their bad boy behavior. Sometimes your boys don’t act like grown men, just like typical douchebag guys. As much as you want them to be better than the average male, sometimes they fall short. You feel bad for the girls in their lives, but you feel the need to back your boys up. After all, they’re your friends. So much for girl power…
  8. You still aren’t invited to guys’ night. Every other night of the week, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to consider you a dude, but when it comes to guys’ night, if you don’t have a penis, then you’re just plain unwelcome. It sucks to be the only one not on the invite list, and even more so when you have no female friends for a girls’ night either.
  9. You know what guys are like behind the scenes. When you do date someone, you’re always wondering what they’re like around their friends. You hang with the boys, so you know how they talk, what they talk about and the things they do when their girl’s aren’t around. It makes it pretty damn hard to trust a guy of your own. You just have to hope he’s one of the good ones.
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