The 9 Most Common Sexual Fetishes & Why Guys Want Them

While some sexual fetishes are rather unconventional, it’s important to note that most of them are completely normal and even healthy to explore if both partners are into it. We guys know that many women don’t get why men like what we like when it comes to sex, but take a second to consider our reasoning before judging us too harshly.

  1. Boobs Our fixation on them is so commonplace that it’s almost overlooked as a fetish, but these body parts serve no direct sexual purpose. The theories behind guys’ preoccupation with boobs are abundant, but in my opinion, the three most logical evolutionary explanations are related to reproduction. For one, healthier looking breasts may better feed a baby. Breasts also make female mates easier to spot from a distance and they allocate a certain power to women, allowing them to hypnotize men towards the bed even when we aren’t necessarily in the mood. What amuses me, however, is cleavage. It’s just a space between things! How are we getting turned on by a gap?
  2. Body modifications Sexual attraction to tattoos, piercings, and other extreme physical alterations apply to all genders for reasons that have yet to truly be established. I imagine it has something to do with the rebellious nature of it all and the fact that it shows a tolerance to pain, which is badass and exactly the type of alternative personality type our moms would disapprove of. Extra brownie points if the body part in question can also be used for sexual activity.
  3. Threesomes Contrary to what you may have heard, it has nothing to do with our girlfriends’ sexual inadequacy. Rather, it’s a consequence of man’s primal stupidity, the greedy gene which demands conquest, dribbling our seeds on everything we see. Of course, plenty of women want the same experience, but the difference is that women can organize a threesome pretty easily whereas men have to work substantially harder for any tangible results. Do you know what the funniest part is? Most dudes can hardly even please one woman properly.
  4. Voyeurism The arousal of watching someone participating in a sexualized act is probably one of the most common kinks in the world. Have you ever enjoyed watching porn or perving over your boyfriend as he gets dressed in the morning? These are lighter variations of the same idea. The root cause of this desire is currently unknown, but some psychologists believe that it comes from the naughty excitement of seeing something you shouldn’t have seen when you were younger. As we get older, we gradually become hooked on this mischevious feeling, eventually seeking it out (and sometimes going to jail for it).
  5. Sex in publicLiving next door to voyeurism is the practice of exhibitionism, which is when someone derives sexual pleasure from potentially being caught in the act. This isn’t everyone’s idea of a sexy time (I get performance anxiety myself), but there’s obviously an intense element of exhilaration associated with this risky behavior. Some people catch their thrills from the spontaneity of it all, other people enjoy breaking the law, and many just enjoy the attention.
  6. Anal sexChances are, you’ve probably already explored this route before (or at least had the idea vigorously proposed to you), as it’s way less taboo than it used to be. There are many reasons we guys are so into anal, including the forbidden fruit aspect, the difficulty of convincing our partners to go for it, and some extra physical pleasure from the tightness there. Luckily for everyone involved, both men and women can get a lot of pleasure from anal just so long as nobody thinks about its primary function during the deed.
  7. Feet A foot fetish is kind of weird considering feet are just things we walk on and there’s nothing really sexual about them. Because of this, some guys are ashamed to admit we’re into this. We do know that the region of the brain which recognizes human genitalia is situated right next to the region which recognizes feet. These two areas are situated so close together that it makes sense to accuse them of trading some naughty thoughts once in a while. For other men, however, the foot may have nothing to do with it and you’ll only realize this once we run away with your shoe.
  8. Latex clothingThis fashionable turn-on requires no justification and is in many ways the midpoint between many other fetish worlds. The material is so tight that it leaves very little to the imagination, but it does leave a little to the imagination, which is important. When worn in public, this satisfies voyeuristic and exhibitionist urges. Plus, certain outfits grant the wearer anonymity, allowing them to assume an alternate identity. Not to mention that the clothing’s constrictive nature appeals to the bondage culture and its brightly colored reflective surface is also very visually appealing. Is there any wonder so many of us are into this?
  9. BDSMFinally, the whole slave/master scene has become a fairly sought-out pastime thanks to the Fifty Shades of Gray franchise. BDSM itself is more of an umbrella term, encompassing a vast amount of erotic behaviors, include spanking, bondage, tickle torture, and some other stuff I regret Googling. For many years, these interests were presumed to be related to some form of childhood trauma, but as modern studies have failed to find any direct evidence to support that, it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s just fine.
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