9 Fun “Dates” You Don’t Need A Boyfriend For

When you’re single for an extended period of time, you sometimes start to see life as bittersweet. You love your freedom and seriously don’t want to “check in” with anyone or answer to anybody regarding your life decisions, but sometimes you don’t have as much company as you’d like for social events. There’s nothing wrong with rocking your sweats, turning on some Netflix and ordering a pizza, but anything gets boring if you do it too often. You need to get out of the house occasionally and have some human interaction besides work. Here are some of the best “date ideas” that you can use to enhance your single life, whether you go out solo or bring some of your girls with you.

  1. Go to a food truck rodeo. Food trucks are awesome. They’re gourmet kitchens on wheels! Many areas have food truck rodeos, where an entire city street will shut down to house several food trucks, beer stands and pedestrian traffic. You can try some terrific unique food that’s inexpensive, enjoy a few craft beers and talk to random people who also enjoy good food and beer. It’s a good time, whether you go by yourself or invite your girls to come with.
  2. Have a pool day in the summer. If you live in a warm place like the South, you most likely have access to a pool for at least a few months out of the year. Even if you live in a cooler place, you may still be lucky enough to have or know someone who has a pool. When it’s hot and sunny, nothing beats the lonely blues away like lying in the sun in your bikini and shades with a tall mimosa in your hand. Whether you go solo and talk to other sunbathing strangers or get some friends together for some poolside drinks, it’ll satisfy your urge to get out of the house and be social.
  3. Go to a Halloween party. If you don’t know anyone who’s throwing a party, most bars have a Halloween party with a costume contest. If you’re the crafty type, you can throw together a creative costume without spending a ton of money and go have a good time. It’s more fun than most nights at the bar because everyone’s more laid back when they’re dressed up in funny costumes. You can go solo in a sexy costume and talk to handsome strangers wearing capes or just bring some friends.
  4. Check out a science museum. Knowledge is power, and learning new things is fun. Lots of museums have interesting traveling exhibits like the “Bodies” exhibit that toured the country in recent years. They also have IMAX science movies and permanent exhibits that can teach you things about how the world works. Especially for those of us who lean more towards the creative and business aspects, it can be a refreshing change of pace.
  5. Go browse a local art gallery. Even if you’re not particularly rich or not in the market for some art, it’s fun to walk around your city’s local art gallery and see what kind of talent exists in your neck of the woods (or pavement). If you see a painting you really like that’s way out of your price range, sometimes you can find a less expensive print of it produced by the same local artist for a fraction of the price.
  6. See a movie, even if you have to go alone. It’s an obvious choice when it comes to getting out in public, but if a movie you want to see just came out and all your friends are unavailable, what do you do? It can be scary at first to see a movie by yourself, but it’s actually really enjoyable. You can’t talk in a movie theater anyway unless you’re okay with being really rude, and it’s dark in there. It’s the perfect night out, even if you’re flying solo (plus, as an added bonus, many theaters are serving beer and wine now).
  7. Check out a cover band at a dive bar. Cover bands are fun because they play songs you already know and love but it’s live. The shows are usually free, so your only expenses are drinks and transportation. You can go solo and chat up some guys or take some girl friends and own the dance floor together.
  8. Take in a burlesque show. Burlesque is great entertainment. It involves stripping, but it’s done in a classy, tasteful and entertaining fashion. There’s singing, dancing, humor, and it’s a very body-positive environment. If you’re single and not getting any (even if you’re completely straight), the sensual aspect of burlesque combined with the humor and creativity will make for a satisfying night out.
  9. Walk around downtown on the weekend and people-watch. Especially if you live in or near a bigger city, downtown gets nuts on the weekends. People get wasted, act stupid, and give zero f*cks who’s watching. Welcome to the land of free entertainment. It’s not too expensive if you stick to just a couple drinks, and you’ll walk away with more funny stories than you know what to do with.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.