9 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Long-Term Partner

Tis the season to be…corny! Seriously, if having a partner during the holidays doesn’t mean you get to recapture the wonder and awe of this time of year from your youth, then why are you even in a relationship? Being committed is the perfect excuse for your partner to put aside their ego and secretly enjoy things they’d never do alone. Here are 9 things your significant other needs to start doing with you during the holiday season, otherwise, you’ll be starting the new year with a new boo.

  1. Couples costumes Don ye now your gay apparel — or for the Halloween version, time to find a coordinating theme for a club/party. This is a great opportunity to find out how handy and creative your partner can get. There are tons of cute store-bought couple costume options, but the best are handmade and original. One couple was recently featured in Oprah Magazine for being a prettier Snapchat filter version of themselves while the other partner was a plainer, no filter version. Hilarious and super fun!
  2. Ice-skating How romantic is this?! First of all, for those of us who are balance-challenged, it’s the perfect seasonal trust exercise for bond building. Falling on ice is no joke, but if you can manage to get it down and stay up, gliding together while holding hands is such a sweet and active way to enjoy seasonal winter bliss.
  3. A holiday movie marathon If they can’t suffer through a Hallmark channel marathon with you, just throw your whole partner away. There are plenty of non-cheesy classics like A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life. Make hot chocolate (preferably with mini marshmallows), frost some sugar cookies, and cuddle up together for a heartwarming viewing session.
  4. Decorate gingerbread houses This is a good activity for couples who love a little friendly competition. It’s a creative, messy, and tasty project. In the end, you can see whose turned out better, but along the way indulge in some treats. The best part about making this a tradition is, no matter how many times you do it, your creation can be different every time.
  5. Host a Friendsgiving The holiday season can get bogged down by a multitude of family obligations. It’s good to not forget about your friends during this potentially hectic time. This can be a less formal gathering and accommodate diverse beliefs and lifestyles. You may even have more fun than your family dinner and it would also give you two a chance to include someone from your circle who may not have plans for the holidays. It’s usually easier for an established couple to take on people who would otherwise be alone.
  6. Volunteer together Holidays are about more than just what you can get. It’s important to find a way to give back as well. Volunteering together will help you both feel grateful for what you do have and make the season more meaningful. You can visit a nursing home, go caroling, pack an international shoebox gift, or take a tag from a giving tree to sponsor a child’s gifts. Being humble together will make what you do receive more rewarding and it just feels good to put a smile on other people’s faces.
  7. Send holiday cards We need to bring snail mail back as a trend. I always cringe when I open my mailbox and wonder what unexpected bill I might get today. People hardly expect to receive personal mail anymore. Holiday cards are so fun because you can take a cute couple photo together to use or you can sit down together and hand-write a message. This is a simple thing to do that would be cherished by all the recipients since it’s sadly so rare these days.
  8. A gratitude jar Reflecting on what you’re grateful for will make you a more positive and happier person. A fun idea as a couple is to take the whole month of November and write one reason you’re thankful for having your partner in your life on a slip of paper each day and add it to a jar. Then, on Thanksgiving day, take turns reading the slips to each other. An alternative would be to add to your jars all year and exchange jars on New Year’s Eve/Day. Even if you get on each other’s last nerves, doing something like this is a sweet reminder of what keeps you two together.
  9. A decorating party Part of the whole concept of tradition is repetition. You two need to pick “the day” every year that you agree on setting up decorations. It’s scientifically proven that holiday decorations make you happier, so the sooner the better! With both your spirits lifted, you may get along better and have more harmony and unity in your home. You can even invite friends to pitch in and spread the cheer.
I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer