9 Incredible Things That Happen When You’re Finally Over Your Ex

To say that getting over an ex — especially one you really, truly loved and invested so much time and energy into — sucks is the understatement of the year. Constantly feeling like crap and wondering what he’s doing and whether he’s met anyone else yet starts to majorly drain you, and you become a different version of yourself. The good news is, once do get over him, some amazing things happen:

  1. You’re not a complete emotional wreck anymore. There’s nothing better then waking up one day and realizing you don’t give a damn anymore. After living with the gut-wrenching reminders of your ex and a constant cloud over your head for months, shaking free of those awful feelings is so incredibly liberating. It’s like out of nowhere, you’re miraculously cured, and you’re definitely not complaining.
  2. Drinking wine is just for fun again. Gone are the days when you’re drowning your sorrows in wine and spending your girls’ nights bitching about him. Now when you dive into a bottle, you’re actually ready to have a good time, not to take a depressing trip down ex-boyfriend lane. After all, wasting good wine crying over a guy is just in insult to the wine.
  3. You become a normal, logical human again. Post-breakup brain usually doesn’t have you thinking very clearly, and it’s pretty apparent that you aren’t quite yourself. The good news is, once you’re over him, that brain fog clears up pretty quickly and you’ll start making a lot more sense to both yourself, and everyone else around you, too.
  4. He could move to Mars, for all you care. He could start dating someone new, win the lottery, get married have 10 kids… the point is, you just don’t care anymore! Realizing that there’s nothing he could do to shake your good mood or to distract you from living life to the fullest is amazing because now you know you can just focus on what you’re doing again.
  5. You feel stronger than ever. Realizing you got through what you once thought was impossible makes you feel like a total badass. Not only that, but once you get over your post-breakup up funk, you feel stronger knowing that you’ll never settle for crap again, and that better things are coming your way.
  6. You finally accept that you really are better off. Having that light bulb moment where it suddenly hits you that everything happened for the best is so refreshing. You no longer agonize about what could have been and what went wrong, but instead you’ll be content with the fact that everything happens for a reason, and it’s probably better that way.
  7. You stop obsessively social media stalking. Social media stalking used to pretty much be your full-time job post-breakup, but now you don’t care to see anything he is doing. Not only do you not stalk your ex’s posts, you’re probably considering just blocking him altogether.
  8. You don’t think about getting back together, nor do you want to. Until now, the thoughts of a happy reunion were the only thing getting you through your day, but now it’s the last thing on your mind. You’re so over him that even if you had the chance to get back together, you probably wouldn’t even consider it, and it’s a glorious milestone.
  9. It doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks the second you wake up. Waking up no longer means you feel sick to your stomach the second you open your eyes and think about what happened. Starting your day feeling awesome again is one of the best things about getting over your ex. The only thing left to worry about in the mornings now is how quickly you can get to your coffee.