9 Positive Daily Affirmations For Single Women—They Work For Me!

The idea of daily affirmations may sound cheesy and pointless to some, but using them has totally changed my perspective on being single long-term and made my life so much better. Here are a few you should try.

  1. My [insert physical characteristic such as eyes, hair, legs, etc.] make me hot as hell. The trick is to start with at least one thing about your body you find attractive. Even if you’re not sure there’s anything you do find attractive about yourself at the moment, it’s important to repeat this affirmation daily. If you struggle with body confidence, choose the characteristic you find least in need of improvement and go with that.
  2. My goodness and beauty give me a glow that radiates for the whole world to see. Trust me, it works—and this is coming from a person who has had anxiety and depression since she was five years old. This affirmation not only helps in building your outward perception but also works on your inner well-being. After all, looks aren’t everything and it’s important to celebrate your kind heart.
  3. I’m open to love in all its forms. How often do you struggle to foster relationships with people? It’s like no matter how much you try, they just don’t stay in your life any longer than a few weeks or months. Well, this affirmation will help the invisible blockage you have between yourself and the people around you eliminate. If you want to receive love, you have to start by being open to it.
  4. I’m worthwhile and deserving of real love. The whole cliche about how you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else is kind of true. Not only do you have to be open to love to receive it, you have to believe that you’re worth the very best. Otherwise, you’re more likely to settle or end up in toxic, unfulfilling relationships.
  5. My life is already fulfilling and I hold the keys to my own happiness. I used to spend a lot of time complaining about how much my life sucked, and it really did. I didn’t know what was I doing wrong because, like everyone else, I always wanted to live the kind of crazy glamorous life I was seeing on social media and I was trying to create it to no avail. After practicing this affirmation, I’ve witnessed my life changing for good and it gives the strength to realize how good my life truly is.
  6. My personality is amazing and anyone would be lucky to have me. Low self-esteem only serves to intensify feelings of depression and anxiety. You start to think you’re a loser, that you’re falling short, that you’re unlovable. None of that is true! You’re smart, funny, strong, and a million other qualities that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives. Repeat this to yourself to rewire your brain with positive thoughts.
  7. This day is going to be the best one yet. Before I started using daily affirmations, my mornings were filled with anxious thoughts and my nights were full of darker, even occasionally suicidal ones. However, I’ve realized over time that part of my problem came down to attitude. I notice that when I insist on positivity, the day often greets me with just that. It really does work wonders.
  8. All the love I need, I can give myself or get from my wonderful family and friends. We crave for love all the time, especially if we’ve been single for a long time. However, we often fail to realize that there’s so much love already in our lives from our family, friends, and even love that comes from within. The more we realize that, the less we crave for these external sources of love.
  9. I love myself more and more every day. This has come up in several other points but it can’t be said enough. Self-love is a powerful, important thing, and the more you give it to yourself, the happier and more fulfilled you will feel. Even if you don’t really believe these words right now, the more you say them, the more you will slowly begin to convince yourself it’s true until one day, it finally is.
Vartika Puranik is a full-time content and social media expert as well as a freelance writer with a professional experience of over four years in writing. She comfortably writes all types of content and covers various beats like fashion, mental-health, fitness, feminism, social issues, beauty, lifestyle, art, and culture etc. She also writes poetry and has her own comic page. She loves if you say Hi to her!