Dating is hard enough these days without having to constantly worry about whether the new guy we’re seeing is genuine or not. But here we are, trying to find love in a world where someone else is just a swipe away, and everyone is FOMO-ing so hard that they never want to settle down. Guys aren’t even shy about just wanting sex anymore, but that’s almost preferable to the alternative— the ones that will use every trick in the book to get you into bed, and then vanish right after.

The pick up artist trend started as a way to help guys with no game learn how to attract women. But it’s turned into a competition of who can be the biggest loser and still get laid. We can help stop it by not putting up with guys who play games. Then hopefully the pick up artist and his kind will go extinct.

We don’t fall for it anymore.

That’s right, we know all your tricks. Girls talk to each other, and if you think you have some kind of super stealthy move that we haven’t at least heard of happening to some other girl, you’re delusional.

You’re ruining it for all the genuinely nice guys.

Are you a “nice guy” who thinks simply doing a nice thing or two means a girl is in your debt? Congratulations, now we’re all suspicions of a nice gesture from any guy because we’ve been manipulated in the past. Basically, we’re always wondering, “what does he want?”

Taking advantage of someone’s emotions isn’t as cool as you think it is.

Getting her to let her guard down just so you can pull the old disappearing act once you get what you want is low. She won’t forget it either, which means you probably just gave her trust issues.

Being yourself will get you so much further.

Wouldn’t it be a lot more satisfying to get the girl because she actually likes you and not the person you’re pretending to be?

As you get older being “that guy” isn’t an accomplishment anymore.

It might be fun to play games when you’re 21 and all your friends are doing it, but eventually everyone else will grow up and settle down. Then you’ll be the only one left still trying to sleep with a new girl every weekend, and your friends probably won’t be dying to tag along anymore.

Women can play those games too, and probably better.

You think you’re the only one with a few tricks up your sleeve? Wait until a woman outplays you— then you’ll see how crappy it feels.

Your reputation will precede you.

Again, women talk. Eventually you’ll end up having to search way outside your extended social network, because every friend of a friend will know your moves, and will laugh you out of the room.

You could really hurt someone.

Do you really want to hurt people? Because, lying to people and playing games is bound to go too far at some point, and you might regret who you actually end up losing.

We won’t put up with it for long.

The second we suspect you might be playing games, we’re jumping ship. We don’t have time for that, and considering there’s always another guy around the corner, we aren’t going to put up with BS when we don’t have to.

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