9 Reasons He’s Dating Other People Even Though He Likes You

You’re sure he likes you just as much as you like him, but for some reason, he keeps pulling away and refuses to make a move. A few months later, you find out that he’s dating someone else. Weirdly, even while in the relationship, he still makes it clear that he’s attracted to you… so why doesn’t he do anything about it? Honestly, the more you think about it, the more confused you’ll become. But to burst your bubble, here are reasons why even though the chemistry is flowing between the two of you, he still chooses to date other people.

  1. He thinks you’re better than him. Guys who lack self-confidence are always hesitant to pursue girls they’re interested in. So, maybe your crush has seen the way you carry yourself and how smart and driven you are, and he doesn’t think he can keep up with you. Or, better yet, he doesn’t believe in himself enough to be with someone like you. He may feel like you deserve someone more mature and experienced than him, which is why he’s dating other people instead of you.
  2. He thinks you have someone already. Maybe other guys are naturally drawn to you because you’re so outgoing and free-spirited, so you socialize a lot with them. To you, they’re “just friends,” but to your crush, they’re interested in you romantically too and you could be seeing any of them. He wouldn’t want to cause trouble, so he starts dating other people and holds back with you.
  3. He thinks you’re too good for him. And really, can you blame him? He has a lot of inferiority complex buried inside. He feels like he can’t keep up with you and worries that if you were sto start a relationship, he would only disappoint you. Obviously, he’s built the whole thing up in his head and how he feels isn’t the truth, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling that way.
  4. He’s yet to get over his past relationship. This probably hurts, but maybe that’s the reason he’s dating other people even when he likes you. He thinks the two of you would have real potential and he actually cares about you, so he has casual flings with women he’s not that invested in instead.
  5. He doesn’t know what he wants. He keeps dating other people even when he likes you because he isn’t sure what he wants from you. A fling? A long-term relationship? Sex buddies? Life partner? He’s still confused. Whatever the case may be, he’s probably afraid of letting you know his true intentions. He could lose the beautiful friendship you both share.
  6. He’s not ready to commit yet. Maybe he’s not sure of you yet and wants to see if he can connect with someone else. Or, maybe he’s scared of being vulnerable with his feelings or being responsible for his girlfriend’s happiness. He avoids having deep conversations about his emotions too, so he puts on his tough exterior. Either way, you need a guy who’s hella responsible and ready to bear the consequences of his actions. That’s maturity!
  7. He likes spending time with you but doesn’t want to be exclusive. Maybe you’re fun to be around or the sex is good, but that’s kinda where it ends. He loves every minute you both spend together and cares about you a lot, but he’s still interested in dating other people too. Monogamy is just not right for this time in his life, so he doesn’t want to lock things down in that way.
  8. You’re just a distraction. This also hurts, but it’s worth being honest with yourself here. If, despite the chemistry between you, he’s not talking about taking the relationship to the next level (or to any level at all), he obviously doesn’t like you enough. Or, maybe he’s using you to get over his past relationship. You’re his rebound.
  9. He doesn’t think you’re the kind of woman he can date. Most guys, especially older ones, love dating women who have their lives together. You want a guy who’s not a total mess too, right? So, maybe you’re still struggling with self-improvement or you’re currently unemployed. Maybe there’s still a lot of drama in your life or you’re still super into partying every weekend and that’s not his vibe. Whatever the case, if he’s still dating other people despite thinking you’re pretty great, it could come down to incompatible lifestyles.

How to deal with the fact that he’s dating other people instead of you

  1. Talk to him about it. Yes, I know this is going to take a lot of courage to do, but isn’t it better to have a clear conversation with him rather than keep languishing in confusion? Sit him down and have a proper conversation. Ask him what exactly he wants from you. However, prepare yourself for an answer you might not necessarily want to hear.
  2. Know that it’s not your fault and theres nothing wrong with you. If nothing changes after the conversation, try not to blame yourself. Don’t make that mistake. If he doesn’t truly appreciate what a  catch you arere, that’s his loss.
  3. Fight the urge to try and change his mind. A guy who obviously likes you but keeps dating other people anyway doesn’t really belong in your life. You have to protect your heart, and hanging around hoping he’ll eventually see the light is only selling yourself short. You’ll miss him a lot, but never text him. Rather, channel that energy to building your career, your relationship with your family and friends, or even dating other people.
  4. Work on betting yourself. If the reason why he couldn’t be with you was that you’re yet to figure out your life, then maybe it’s high time you invested in yourself. Take a step back from seeking relationships to fill the void in your heart and focus on learning new skills, and pursuing a career and financial freedom. Nobody wants to date a liability, and investing in yourself is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.
  5. Keep an open mind. This experience might have left you feeling like crap, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to love again. You’ll eventually meet someone else who’s prepared to commit to a long-term relationship with you. You’ll find love again. He can keep on dating other people. There are plenty of guys out there who will want to date you.