9 Reasons to Stop Obsessing About Your Single Status

9 Reasons to Stop Obsessing About Your Single Status ©iStock/teksomolika

It seems like every day, someone you know is announcing their new relationship status on Facebook. The girl you secretly didn’t like in high school is engaged, your old co-worker just had a massive wedding, and almost all of your friends seem to be with someone… except for you. But that’s okay. Your time will come. So, stop obsessing about your single status. Being on your own is actually pretty great for a bunch of reasons:

  1. Who cares what everyone else is doing? Finding love is not a competition — what other people are doing has nothing to do with you. If anything, the fact that everyone else is coupling up should give you hope that, soon enough, you will too. Just be patient, stop worrying about everyone else and concentrate on your extra fun life that, for now, doesn’t include the drama of a relationship.
  2. All that glitters isn’t gold. We’ve all heard the old adage and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to relationships. When you scroll down your Instagram feed, envious of everyone’s perfect relationship pictures, remember: things are not always as they appear. Being in a relationship can be as challenging as being single — the people smiling back at you in those photos have their own issues and are probably looking at your feed wishing they were free! The grass is always greener…
  3. Roll solo – it’s great. Yes, having company all the time can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to have the place to yourself and do stuff you wouldn’t dare do in front of anyone else. Eating your favorite snack straight out the box naked in your kitchen? Check. Watching the shows you love when you want to watch them, maybe three times in a row? Obviously. Enjoy your freedom now because things will change when you’re with someone… You’ll see.
  4. Life is pretty sweet without guilt trips. Dying to get away for a few weeks? Want to go on that girls’ getaway and let debauchery ensue? Want to go out on your own one night? Right now, none of those situations are an issue. Go for it, guilt free.
  5. Fat pockets. Relationships can be downright expensive. Holidays, anniversaries, splitting the bill, giving ‘just thinking of you’ gifts… they all add up. Not having to deal with any of that is not a bad thing…
  6. You can concentrate on your rise to the top. Without constantly thinking about a relationship all the time, you can be more focused on climbing the corporate ladder or finding success in whatever career you’re pursuing. You didn’t “major” in relationships in college for a reason.
  7. Casual dating is actually kinda fun. Having a variety of people to date can be pretty fun. Go nuts! You’ll wish you did when you’re Ms. Monogamy.
  8. Who wants to deal with a second family? As if your family isn’t enough on their own! When you’re in a serious relationship, you take on someone else’s nagging family and that takes a ton of energy.
  9. You hear that? That’s the sweet sound of freedom. The best part of not being in a relationship is being able to do whatever you want when you want. Got a promotion that will cause you to move across the country? No problem!  You want to dance naked with the blinds open? No problem! It’s all about you, all the time. Just as it should be.
Mia Hall is a writer living in Washington D.C. You can read more of her stuff at about.me/miafieldshall.