9 Refreshing Things That Happen When You’re Single & Happy

9 Refreshing Things That Happen When You’re Single & Happy ©iStock/A75

As much as single life might be miserable at times, there’s a certain point where you just stop caring about the fact that you’re boyfriend-less and start being happy with things just as they are. You move past the bitterness, the resentment, the complaining and you suddenly realize that rolling solo actually isn’t that bad. You’re single, yeah, but you’re happy about it — and because of it, these amazing things happen:

  1. You stop rolling your eyes at happy couples. Happy couples used to make you roll your eyes — why did they need to display their love in public? Now that you’re past all that, you no longer have the time to stop and pay attention to the details of other people’s happiness — you’re too busy basking in your own.
  2. Social media announcements don’t faze you. Aw, hell, another engagement post? You actually congratulate people on their relationship milestones, because why wouldn’t you? You don’t care if you’re nowhere near getting married because you know that seeing your friends make headway in their lives while you’re doing the same thing in your own way is just totally awesome all around for everyone.
  3. Players are taken at face value and ignored. You used to spend days and months stressing about some douchebag who didn’t treat you right, but these days, if someone doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve, you point them to neon sign marked EXIT and pour yourself a celebratory glass of wine. BYE, FELICIA!
  4. You don’t feel the need to date as often, if at all. You no longer feel the need to go out with guys just for the sake of it — if it’s not worth it, you’re not wasting your time and energy. You’re happy living your life right now and if someone truly amazing comes along, you might actually consider putting pants on to join them for a drink or two. Until then, you don’t need to date and you don’t find desperation in the fact that your single anymore. It’ll happen when it happens.
  5. Pity speeches are hilarious. Pity speeches have been the single most annoying thing you’ve had to deal with. Those painful conversations no longer make you feel crappy about yourself and you actually find a lot of hilarity in them. Plus, you can now perfectly respond to the questions of why you’re still available in a light-hearted way — because you don’t care.
  6. Being ghosted doesn’t hurt anymore. If another little jerk wants to ghost you as a means of breaking up or ending things with you, you spend as much time caring about it as he did formulating the blank message he never sent. Adios, sack-less douche.
  7. Not having a date for events is fantastic. Going to weddings, holiday gatherings and events without someone on your arm is actually pretty rad when you’re single and happy. When you’re no longer paying attention to the lack of plus one beside you at the table, you end up being the life of the party. Happiness radiates — especially with cocktails.
  8. Handling the though stuff isn’t so lonely anymore. If a crisis comes to light in your life or you hit a rough patch- you’ve totally got that crap handled now. You fight your battles on your own and you don’t care that you don’t have a man’s shoulder to cry on. Being happy with yourself means having the strength to get through the hard parts without focusing on what you don’t have.
  9. Financing yourself feels amazing. You’re a boss babe and you have life handled. Not only are you killing it in your own single life, but you’re actually extremely happy about it. You have zero care left to give, and there’s nothing better than that.