9 Reminders For Women With A Broken Heart

Breakups are one of the most difficult experiences that we can go through, but sometimes the feelings that linger after a relationship ends are the worst part of all. It can be hard to move on with life when you’re stuck inside your own head, going through an emotional rollercoaster. Here are a few reminders for the woman who’s heartbroken and probably needs to hear them.

  1. You are stronger than any emotional turmoil. Breakups can be so emotionally devastating for us that they can actually cause physical pain. When your heart is broken, you feel it everywhere in your entire body. Some days you’ll feel like you can’t even get out of bed, much less carry on with your day and pretend that you’re fine. Just know that even though it’s hard, you’re capable of picking yourself up and living through it. It’s okay if you need time to be sad, but just know that you are stronger than any pain life throws at you and when you need to overcome it, you’ll definitely be able to.
  2. Trust the divine plan. Regardless of whether you ended the relationship or your ex-partner did, it doesn’t cancel out the pain of a breakup. Try to find some comfort in knowing that this was the way it was supposed to happen. It might feel like the universe is playing some cruel joke on you but I promise, it’s all part of the plan for your life. The ending of one relationship just means the universe has someone better for you. It doesn’t make the pain disappear but it can provide solace knowing that the best is yet to come.
  3. He doesn’t deserve you. Whether he’s the one who broke up with you or you had to end the relationship because there was something that you’d had enough of, just know that he didn’t deserve you anyway. If he didn’t think you were good enough for him, he’s completely wrong. If he wouldn’t make the necessary changes he needed to make for your relationship to work, it obviously wasn’t important enough to him. I know it’s hard to believe at first but believe me, you’re better off without him.
  4. You’re perfect for the right person. Just because things didn’t work out with this person doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you or that you need to change yourself in any way. It just means that you weren’t right for each other. That wasn’t your soulmate. Your person is still out there and when you meet them, you won’t even think about changing anything about yourself because they will adore you exactly the way you are. You are perfection. Don’t forget that.
  5. It’s okay to take your time. There’s no exact amount of time that you should be done mourning the loss of your relationship, even if your friends or family tell you there is. Don’t listen if people tell you that you should be “over it” by now or that “it’s not worth your tears.” It’s not about what they think, it’s about what you feel and there is no timetable on healing. If you need to take a little longer, that’s up to you. Listen to your heart and your mind and do not feel guilty for your emotions.
  6. Make sure you’re ready before you try again. If you were in a relationship for a long time, it might be tempting to jump right into a new relationship because the idea of being alone can be terrifying. You should do whatever feels right to you, but you need to make sure you’re ready to take on a new partner before you throw yourself back in. Make sure you give yourself time to really let the breakup sit with you and fully comprehend the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out. This will also help you avoid entering a similar relationship in the future where you could encounter the same problems.
  7. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. When we go through breakups, it can be hard on our friends and family too if your partner was also close with the people who are close to you. They might be sad or even angry at you that the relationship is over. Here’s the thing, though. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for why the relationship ended. At the end of the day, that relationship was yours, not theirs.
  8. Being single can be amazing. It may have been a while since you’ve been single and you might be scared of loneliness but there are some great things about being single that you may have forgotten about. Getting to be alone and really learn how to thrive on your own and to focus on yourself can be a really special and transformative time for you. You could learn things about yourself that you never knew before and gain independence that you didn’t have when you were in a relationship. Don’t be afraid of being single, try to embrace and enjoy it.
  9. The perfect person for you is still out there. As hard as it is to believe when your heart is broken, the one for you is still out there and you will meet them. When you’ll meet them can’t be easily predicted and chances are, if you go looking for them, you’ll just end up settling for the wrong person again. One day, when the time is right and when your heart is ready to receive true love, you will meet them and you will be grateful it didn’t work out with anyone else.
Shelby is a journalist and fiction writer raised in the South but built for the big city. She's a book nerd (well, an overall nerd, honestly) and coffee addict and obsessed with all things leather and lacy.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from Sam Houston State University and worked for her university newspaper, The Houstonian, as well as serving as a producer and part-time entertainment anchor for Cable 7 Huntsville. You can follow her on Twitter @shelby777.