9 Requirements For A Good First Date

Dating sucks, but like working out or eating your green vegetables, it’s something that you just have to get through. Modern romance has definitely changed a lot in the past few years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of the first date. Here’s the new first date checklist that we can all relate to:

You have an interesting conversation. We can’t have a good or even OK date without having something to chat about. Hopefully we go beyond the where did you go to school/what do you do route and forge some kind of meaningful connection. If not, at least we can trade Netflix recommendations.

We both want to be there. This is a pretty big thing. We lead such insanely busy lives now and it’s easy to think that a first date is a waste of time. If we’re thinking that way, though, it’s time for a dating break or we’re just being unfair.

You actually listen. There’s nothing worse than when we say something at the beginning of the evening and you’ve already forgotten it by the end of the date. You end up asking us questions that we’ve already answered and it’s just awkward for everyone.

We don’t mention (enter dating app/site of choice). Let’s just agree not to mention how we met. You know it, we know it, and we can move on now.

There’s a lot of laughter. A sense of humor is so crucial for not only a relationship but also the first date. Life is hard enough – we should always see the humor in everyday situations. If you can make us laugh, we’re going to like you so much more. And we should do the same for you.

The date takes place on the weekend. Sometimes a weeknight date can’t be helped – our schedules are super packed and we want to meet you sooner rather than later. But there’s something about a date on a Friday or Saturday night that just is so much better. It really feels like a date.

You don’t make fun of us. This should go without saying but sometimes it needs to be said. Some of us like reality TV and you don’t have the right to try to make us feel bad because you’re totally against the genre. Some of us are going to order salad and no, it’s not because we hate food.

You say goodbye clearly. None of this “see you soon” or “take care” business because, in the words of the great Justin Bieber, what do you mean? You can say it was nice to meet us and we’ll understand immediately that you don’t want to go out again. But if you do want a second date, why not tell us right here and right now?

You send a text the next day. Please, text us the next day if you like us and want to see us again. Don’t follow the super lame 3 day rule. Sometimes it becomes a 7 day rule and we’re going to know that you’re not all that into us if you wait an entire week before getting in touch.

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