9 Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

­­Once you’re past your teens/early college days you get to a point where the awkward teeth crashing and uncertainty over the direction of your head tilt are no longer cute. You definitely want to be prepared for the “big moment” and the buildup of not knowing if and when he will kiss you can be pure torture. Well, wonder no longer, because if he’s doing any of these following things it’s about to go down.

  1. He freshens his breath. Think mint or gum. Sure, it may just be an after eating habit or something to do when he’s nervous about spending time with you. But if he’s thinking about bringing his mouth closer to yours, the state of its inner hotness is going to be on his mind. No one wants that first time to be tainted by garlic breath or remnants of whatever he ate for lunch that day. It’s an even bigger sign of what he’s thinking if he also offers you a piece. Looks like you’ll both be exchanging minty coolness shortly.
  2. He does it. Pretty sure if he leans in and goes straight for it that’s a pretty good sign he wanted to do it. It may just be an impulse go-with-the-flow of the moment kind of thing, but more than likely when he first saw you and/or your picture (depending on how you met) he already had it in the back of his mind that this is something he wanted to do at some point. That or when he knew he would be taking you out on a date it was on his bucket list for the night. Men tend to be more visual and physical minded than women, so it doesn’t automatically mean he is a perv or player- it’s just where his mind routed to when he had an interest in you.
  3. He’s fidgeting. He may seem uncomfortable to you. He could be moving around a bit or shifting his weight. He may just be overthinking how he’s going to do it or when a good time will be to take his chances. He could also be physically turned on and trying to keep his respects about him- ha! Either way, if he’s bottling up an urge of any form it may come out in other physical signs.
  4. His feet are pointed toward you. This is a real thing! His body language can give it all away. If his feet are in your direction, that’s a subconscious cue for where his body wants to go. He may not be making direct eye-contact if he’s nervous and thinks he can hide what he’s thinking from you, but peek down and see if his shoes are telling you another story.
  5. He tries to get closer to you. I mean, he can’t kiss you from the other side of the couch, can he? If he starts making his way over to you and puts his arm around you, consider it his way of closing on in. Lessening the distance between his face and yours is basically kissing foreplay. If you’re ready for it, embrace it! That or you can pretend to be oblivious and watch him sweat a little.
  6. He keeps looking over at you. Yea, this is definitely him strategizing his approach. See the intro paragraph about not wanting to ruin the angle and appearing like a rookie. He may be trying to assess your interest through your body language and facial expression, too. Rejection isn’t fun for anyone and if he’s a respectful guy he’d want to read the room before taking a step like this. If you’re OK with moving forward, just smile and show him you’re comfortable and on the same page.
  7. He stares at you. This is one step further from the last point of just quick/attempted subtle glances. This is when he full-on just locks a gaze in your direction. He may be daydreaming about what he wants to do and not even notice that he’s being a little weird and obvious, or he may be starting the actual process of initiating a lip-locking session. If he’s burning a hole in you with his pupils, this is usually a good sign of interest.
  8. He licks his lips. This one sounds weird, but most people do this all the time. It’s just an involuntary movement that goes with your thoughts. If he’s imagining kissing you in his mind, he’s likely to start biting his bottom lip or wetting it with his tongue without even noticing what he’s doing.
  9. He asks you. Most guys don’t just outright ask permission to kiss someone, although that would be respectful and nice. But he may just slide it into the convo. For example, while trying to get to know you one of his questions may be if you’re OK with kissing on the first date or how many dates do you usually go on before you kiss a guy. If he starts bringing it up in convo, it was likely on his mind first.
I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer