9 Things You Should Know How To Do By The Time You’re 30

9 Things You Should Know How To Do By The Time You’re 30 ©iStock/hurricanehank

It’s OK if you don’t have life completely figured out by the time you reach the milestone that is your 30s, but you should have some stuff figured out. After all, you’re a grown up with no excuses left for any kind of childish or immature behavior and there are certain things you should know how to do by now. If you’ve accomplished mastering most of the following by the time your third decade rolls around, congratulations — you’re doing it right.

  1. Build a resume. You should know how to build a resume and keep it updated with new career and educational pursuits, and you shouldn’t need to pad it out because you actually have enough career experience by now. If you need help on putting your skills together in the best way, you should at the very least know how to consult Google for advice on how to make one that stands out.
  2. Cook real food. Sure, you might still have some lazy ramen nights from time to time, but you should know how to prepare food that doesn’t just come pre-packaged with directions on the box. Cooking is one of the best parts about being an adult, and a bonus is that it actually saves you a ton of money and tastes way better than takeout, anyway.
  3. Pick out a good wine, even if you’re not a wine drinker. Even if you don’t like wine, you should familiarize yourself with at least some basic wine knowledge so that when you attend housewarmings and holiday parties, you have a bottle to contribute for the host. It’s a super classy, adult way to show up at parties.
  4. Handle your finances. Times are tough, but even if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you should know how to manage your money and handle your life responsibilities before indulging in the extras. Paying your bills just feels good, and knowing you’re handling life on your own is about as adult as it gets.
  5. Pick your battles wisely. The petty drama and nitpicked fights should be well left in your 20s. As someone in your 30s, you don’t have time to sweat the small stuff. You know by now that in the grand scheme of things, getting upset over trivial issues is just wasted energy. Plus, the ability to see situations from a more mature perspective is such a satisfying feeling.
  6. Choose your friends wisely. You might not have the huge squad you did in your 20s, but that’s actually a good thing. It’s completely healthy and normal to drift away from past friendships because you’ve begun to surround yourself with like-minded people who have the same life goals and morals as you. The friendships you make and keep in your 30s will likely last a lifetime, because you’re smarter and better at selection.
  7. Let someone down gently. Whether it’s breaking up with someone, leaving your current job, or just simply saying no to someone, you should know how to handle your departures with class and compassion. And for Pete’s sake, stop ghosting!
  8. Take care of your health. When you hit 30, there’s no excuse for not taking care of your body and health. You need to start taking precautions to prevent future health concerns. Ditch the cigarettes, take better care of your skin, go to the dentist, use SPF on your face every day, take vitamins, and eat some healthy stuff. You want a long life, so make sure to take care of yourself to get there.
  9. Expertly pack a suitcase. They say life begins at 30, so make sure your finances and health are in check, and you have a good suitcase to pack on short notice to cultivate new adventures and culture yourself to embrace the best years of your life.