9 Terrible Behaviors You Shouldn’t Pull In Relationships

By the time you’re starting to settle down into a serious relationship, you should be mature enough to handle everything that comes with it. That means no game playing, passive aggressive behavior, or other BS you may have pulled in the past.

  1. You don’t take any gesture for granted, big or small. You know how to give credit when it’s due. Whatever your boyfriend does for you, whether it’s something little like taking out the trash or a grander gesture, you know it’s important to show your appreciation.
  2. You don’t ditch your BFFs or family for your boyfriend. You’ve mastered the art of balance and never think of ditching those closest to you to spend time with your boyfriend instead. You know how important the support and friendship of your BFFs is, even if you’re pretty sure you finally found Mr. Right.
  3. You don’t discourage him from achieving his dreams. You know your partner has goals and dreams that he wants to pursue outside of your relationship, and you don’t stop him from doing what he needs to do to get there. In fact, you cheer him on and are his biggest fan, just as he is yours.
  4. You never stop bossing it in your own career. You know that your life doesn’t have to revolve around your boyfriend, no matter how much you’re head over heels in love of him, and you won’t ever let that happen. You love being with your partner, but you also love your life outside of him, and that will never change.
  5. You never give up your self-respect. If there’s one thing you’ve mastered, it’s never taking crap from your boyfriend. If he can’t respect you for who you are, it’s the end of conversation. You know you deserve someone who’s as grown and respectful as you.
  6. You don’t let insecurities dictate your behavior. While even the best of women have insecurities, you don’t let your personal issues impact how you interact with your boyfriend or how you view your relationship. You trust your partner, especially when you’re not with him. You don’t feel the need to text or call him each time to know what he is doing, where he is, who he is with, etc. You also don’t second guess whether or not he sees all the imperfections you see in yourself.
  7. You don’t sacrifice your me-time. Me-time is sacred and you value that pretty highly. You won’t give up your time to yourself because you know how important it is to take time to decompress and refuel so that you can be the best version of yourself both in your relationship and outside of it.
  8. You don’t harbor resentment for his successes. Instead of feeling threatened or disheartened by your boyfriend’s successes and achievements, worrying that they might pull him away from you, you’re 100 percent invested in his well-being and are always proud of him.
  9. You never forget to wear your heart on your sleeve. Contrary to what people have been conditioned to think, maturity is all about knowing your time here on earth is short, so you can’t waste time playing games. You’re not afraid of expressing your feelings, because you never know when you won’t be able to anymore. Plus, you don’t just express your feelings with words, but with actions, too.
Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Find her broken, honest, and brave musings at mainebelonio.com.