9 Things Your Non-Existent Life Coach Would Tell You To Stop Doing

If you’ve ever thought about getting a life coach, here’s what she’d say if she actually existed. Take heed and change your life forever without spending a single penny.

  1. Stop caring what other people think and actually just go for it. It’s one thing to say you don’t care what other people think, but putting that into practice is quite another. Not caring what other people think means wearing the clothes you love regardless of what’s cool, taking leaps into what interests you without fear of judgment, and really being your true self. Life is too short to worry about what other people think, especially if it’s preventing you from doing the things you actually want. You only get one life, so live it the way you want and not the way someone else wants you to.
  2. Stop with all the accidental frowning. I’m massively guilty of resting bitch face and it’s actually giving me wrinkles! I have a deep eleven developing on my forehead and I know it’s because I spend much more time frowning than smiling. Try to make a conscious effort to relax your face, especially when you’re concentrating on something. Trust me, once a wrinkle develops, there’s no way out besides Botox.
  3. Stop worrying about everything constantly—you won’t care about this in a month. I’m a big fan of the saying “this too shall pass.” If you’re worried about something, will yourself to stop, knowing that in a week or a month or maybe six months for something really big, you’ll have something else to worry about. You won’t be thinking of what’s worrying you now later on as something else always takes its place. Chill out and worry about it later when it won’t actually matter.
  4. Stop wasting time and not sticking to a schedule. If I cut out all of my procrastinating, I would get so much more done. Often I just throw on the TV because I’m lazy or bored, but I could really be doing something more productive with my time. Make a schedule and mark out every single hour of every single day with an activity. Of course, you’ll have to be realistic and you do need downtime. You probably don’t need five hours of it a day, though! Take all of this extra time and focus it on achieving a life goal like learning a new language or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write.
  5. Stop neglecting your precious beauty sleep. Sleep is so important, I can’t stress this enough. Too many of us fall asleep with a movie on, with our phones in our hands, or our brains not fully relaxed. All of this results in poor quality sleep. Think back to your last spa day and how relaxed you felt. The best way to get a great nights sleep is to recreate that feeling in your own home. Take a hot shower or a warm bath before bed, wind down your thoughts with an essential oils diffuser, and quiet your mind with spa music or nature sounds. Why would you deprive yourself of something so essential?
  6. Stop ignoring your ambitions. Make a list of all of the things you want to achieve in life. These could be things you want in the short term future or big dreams you’d love to fulfill at some point when you have the money, time, etc. Make it a mix of ones that are achievable now and ones that are more long-term and get working on them. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize you haven’t achieved anything you actually wanted to when it’s too late.
  7. Stop keeping your mental health issues to yourself. While there’s a lot more attention given to mental health than there used to be, we still don’t talk about it enough. There’s still a lot of stigma attached to having things like depression and anxiety, and this needs to change. If you’re having issues, start talking to someone. It could be a professional or just a friend, but get it out there. The sooner you start opening up, the sooner you’ll be able to adopt coping strategies and start feeling better. You don’t have to do this alone, so why would you choose to?
  8. Stop creating an idealized version of your life on social media. It might feel great at times to have an Instagram full of perfectly posed selfies and enviable location shots, but wouldn’t it feel so much better if it was all true? It’s perfectly acceptable to want that glamorous life but it’s also important for people to see the real you. The majority of the time, what you see on social media is just a snapshot of the best parts of someone’s life, so don’t let that get you down if you feel like you can’t keep up.
  9. Stop allowing people to take you for granted. Friends who don’t have time for your problems aren’t real friends and should be set free. Create space in your life for great people—people you learn from, people who intrigue you, and people who are there for you. If they aren’t supporting you while you support them, it’s time to cut the cord. Your time and energy are precious, so only give it to those who are worthy.
Originally from Northen Ireland, I love to travel and I'm currently based in Paris, France. I'm a full time freelance writer and designer for my brand K Alexandra and a self confessed Paris addict! There's nowhere I'd rather be than the city of light and love with my little Boston terrier always by my side. I adore fashion and keeping up with the latest trends as well as appreciating a perfectly made dirty martini at the end of a productive day!