9 Times It’s Totally OK To Go Crazy

9 Times It’s Totally OK To Go Crazy ©iStock/Wundervisuals

I’m all for behaving with elegance and grace but the truth is that some situations call for being crazy. Of course, I’ll be damned if some guy calls me crazy, because screw him and his lack of thesaurus (and besides, if the situation calls for acting crazy, than you’re not really being crazy are you?). Anyway, here are 9 times it’s totally reasonable to lose your mind:

  1. You find underwear that doesn’t belong to you in your bed. Um, what the hell? Last you checked, you would never wear bright yellow underwear covered in purple hearts, but apparently someone does and they’ve been in your bed. This definitely warrants craziness.
  2. You hear from a friend that your partner has a Tinder account. Oh, bless his soul. Did he really think that he’d never get caught? Even in a city of eight million people, if 50 percent of your friends on Tinder, he was bound to be discovered at eventually. Not only does this call for crazy, but it also calls for realizing you’re dating one of the dumbest people in the world.
  3. You’re trying to have a serious conversation, but he keeps looking at his phone. If you’re trying to talk to your partner but he just can’t stop looking at his phone, then if you want to take that phone and throw it out the window, I totally support you. I mean, dude, show some level of decency.
  4. You get dumped on your birthday. There are 365 days in a year. In all those days, you only get one day for your birthday. That being said, if you’re dumped on your birthday, that’s just messed up. I’d even go so far as to say that that’s the very definition of cruelty. Go ahead and flip that table and scream your lungs out.
  5. You find out your partner has been sexting his ex. I’m all for people who are able to stay friends with their exes. In fact, I think it’s amazing and I commend then on being so mature. But when those friendly emails or texts turn into sexts, screw that. At that point, it doesn’t even matter that you made this discovery from snooping which, I might add, doesn’t count as being crazy if you have a hunch.
  6. After two years together, your partner still hasn’t told his family about you. Even if his family is on the other side of the world so there’s a reason you haven’t met them, after two years, they should at least know about your existence. You shouldn’t be some some secret that your partner doesn’t want to admit to, so maybe it’s time to give them a call and introduce yourself.
  7. Your partner never takes you out, but goes out drinking with his friends every night of the week. While this may leave plenty of time for you to see your friends or catch up on your favorite Netflix shows, this is no way to treat anyone. Go crazy, girl. Tell him exactly how much he sucks and maybe even lock him out the apartment for a night (or two).
  8. Your partner’s mistress decides to contact you. Having been in this position — and I know I’m not alone — this is the type of thing that completely calls for crazy behavior. Like, not just breaking plates or throwing things out the window, but sending your partner stuff in the mail type of crazy. Although, personally, I think that’s a completely rational response.
  9. Your partner calls you crazy. Here’s something guys rarely get: Showing emotion doesn’t make a woman crazy. Crying, screaming, yelling, calling someone a loser for screwing you over isn’t crazy, it’s human. It’s human to lose your cool when you’ve been betrayed or your heart has been broken. Besides, you’re the only one who gets to decide if your behavior is crazy. The best part about that is that real crazy people don’t even know they’re crazy, so if you’re thinking you’re being a bit crazy, you actually aren’t. Yeah, science!
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