9 Tips For Being A Great Wingwoman

Maybe you’re married, you’ve successfully navigated the dating scene in the past, or maybe you just know where all the great guys are. Either way, it’s your time to shine. Not sure how to be a good wingwoman? Here are some essential tips.

  1. Come prepared. Your friend is likely going to be a ball of nerves, so she may forget important things like condoms and breath mints. Stock your purse with the essentials so she doesn’t have any embarrassing moments.
  2. Let your friend shine. Wearing that new revealing dress isn’t such a good idea tonight. You don’t want to shine any brighter than she does. Even better, you could always lend her that dress to make sure she’s the most stunning woman in the room.
  3. Push her out of her comfort zone — but only a little bit. If she’s asked for the help of a wingwoman, she may have trouble talking to people or making the first move. Put her in situations where she has to talk to people, but don’t be too firm. You don’t want to spook her.  
  4. Boost her confidence right before she makes a first move. If she’s about to talk to that hot guy at the end of the bar, give her a little pep talk before she leaves. Tell her that she’s amazing or that you’re lucky to be in her life. That’ll hopefully chip away a bit at the anxiety she’s feeling right now.
  5. Start the conversation yourself. If she found it easy to talk to guys all by herself, she wouldn’t need your help. Instead, walk up to a guy as a duo and have a joint conversation to get things started.
  6. Have interesting facts at the ready. If you’re going to introduce her to anyone, you want to give them a conversation starter right at the start. “Hi! This is my friend Jennifer. She cuddles animals for a living at the Humane Society.” “This is Molly. She recently met Jimmy Fallon on the subway.” You get the hint.
  7. Give her some space. Once you notice that the two are really hitting it off, find a tactful way to give them space. You could excuse yourself to the restroom or get another drink at the bar. 
  8. Watch her body language. Even when you’ve left her alone, you’re not off-duty as a wingwoman. Keep the pair in your sight-line and pay attention to her body language. If it looks like she’s trying to get out of the conversation, come rescue her and tell the guy you need to go. 
  9. Try again. Did it work on the first try? Great! But, more than likely, it didn’t. If not, encourage your friend to try again. Few people meet their next boyfriend the very first time they talk to someone. Vow to be her wingwoman for as long as she needs you.
Trisha is a full time writer living in Montana. In her free time, she paints mountainscapes on her skin with body paint and reads a ton of YA lit.