9 Unconventionally Romantic Things Pretty Much Every Girl Secretly Wants To Experience

Romantic gestures usually have to be specialized because everyone is really different in what they like. There are some gestures though that are so grand and unconventional that they may just work for most people. Here are 10 of those unconventionally romantic gestures.

  1. Be kissed in a place with an amazing view. Okay, even if you’re terribly afraid of heights (I am), tell me you wouldn’t love to be kissed on like the Eiffel Tower or overlooking gorgeous Niagara Falls. There’s something thrilling about the idea of being up there with a person you adore and having them give you a loving smooch. Imagine walking through the gorgeous fortress of Machu Picchu and having your lover turn you around to give you a passionate kiss. You’d look around and see the beautiful mountains of Peru all around you. South America not your thing? How about the gorgeous colosseum in Rome, Italy? If the pastries and beautiful scenery don’t capture your heart, the rich history of this world wonder will.
  2. Play you a song on an instrument they learned. Maybe your partner has been learning a new instrument or they’ve always known how to play. Who doesn’t want to be serenaded by their favorite love song? Imagine your loving partner taking the time to learn your favorite Jack Johnson song only to sing to you about Banana Pancakes (and how much they love you).
  3. Bring over a “yes, no, maybe” sex list. Perhaps your partner is on the shy side or (surprise) they’re a total kinkster. Consent is incredibly sexy and one super romantic way to bring the conversation into the bedroom is with a “yes, no, maybe” sex list. This is a list filled with bedroom kinks and options. Next to each, there are three checkboxes for “yes, no, maybe.” You and your partner each fill out a list, then go over it together. You now are crystal clear on what your partner definitely wants to do, what they never want to do, and what they’re open to doing. Hello, new sex experiences backed by consent!
  4. Create a spa day at home. Spa days are expensive. Maybe your partner thinks you deserve to be pampered, but they really don’t have the hundreds of dollars to spend. Instead, they set up a spa day at home. They fill up a bath with a beautiful bath bomb. They get a DIY pedicure kit, some new nail polish, a face mask, and they buy a simple battery powered back massager. Your partner helps you get settled into your “spa day” and offers to massage your back. This would be a wildly romantic and thoughtful gesture!
  5. Plan a volunteer trip together. Volunteering isn’t the first thing you think of when you hear the word “romantic,” but on more reflection, you could see how it’d be a lovely thing to do together. Your partner knows how much you love animals, so they sign you both up for a day volunteering at a shelter. Your adoration for your lover only increases when you’re covered in puppies. No promises that this volunteer trip doesn’t end with you bringing home a new furrever friend, though. Volunteering at shelters can be dangerous for animal lovers!
  6. Take pictures of hearts in the world and send them to you. Have you ever been walking through the world and you see a leaf in the shape of a heart? Or, you’re eating a fruit only to find that there’s a heart shape inside. Imagine if your loving partner sent you pictures of the various hearts they see scattered throughout the world to remind you how much they love you.
  7. Act like tourists on a date night in your own neighborhood. This one is especially fun if you live in a city or a touristy destination. Your partner offers to plan a date night and you’re thinking you’ll do the generic dinner or a movie. Instead, they surprise you with a map of your own city and a few options. Are there museums, nature spots, or certain destinations that you never think to check out because you’ve lived there for so long? This is your night!
  8. Have a house renovated for you like in The Notebook. This is admittedly a grand gesture, to say the least, but it is taken from Hollywood. Rachel McAdams has a dream house she wants in The Notebook that Ryan Gosling goes ahead and reconstructs brick by brick all by himself. He’s trying to win her love through sheer grit. Probably one of the most epic romantic gestures in movie history, but a girl can dream, right?
  9. Have a picture of you two drawn. There’s a picture of you and your lover that you absolutely adore. You have it framed in your shared apartment. Your lover finds a great artist who specializes in drawing real-life pictures. They sneakily bring a copy of the picture to the artist to draw a gorgeous portrait of the original. Your favorite picture is now ten times more special!
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