9 Ways A Virgo Woman Loves Differently

Virgos are the sixth sign in the Zodiac and are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Symbolized by the maiden (or virgin, depending on what you prefer), Virgos are mutable earth signs, meaning they are grounded, yet also capable of changing their whole worldview and becoming the epitome of greatness (think Beyoncé, a fellow Virgo lady). They are often kindhearted, patient, and a rock you can lean on. On the flip side, they can be know-it-alls. But that’s only because they do know it all. As a resident Virgo woman, I can confidently say that the way we love may be different, but it’s worth the investment if you treat them right.

  1. They notice the little things. Virgos are known for their eye for detail. You’ll never have to ask a Virgo woman if she notices anything different about you because she already has way in advance. If you mention something offhand you’d like to have, don’t be surprised if you get it for your birthday months later… or even as a “just because” gift.
  2. They take care of you. You may wake up to find your Virgo woman making you eggs or folding your laundry. She adores making things orderly and neat so that both of your lives are easier. Virgo women love feeling useful and making you feel appreciated. Sometimes you can even expect a small gift as a “just because” gesture. If she’s really devoted to you, she may give you everything she has to offer just to make you happy. Just make sure you thank her for everything she does for you. The moment you take her for granted, they will notice and resent you for it.
  3. They worry about you. Going on a trip or leaving for work in the morning? She’ll make sure you know to stay safe and to text her when you arrive and when you’re coming back home. She’ll make sure you’re wearing sunscreen if you go out in the sun for an extended period of time and remind you to reapply. No matter how old you are, you will wear that helmet during your quick bike ride in the morning.
  4. They don’t give up easily. Virgo women aren’t the type of women to give up on something (or someone) easily. They’ll work tirelessly to make things work out, for better or worse. They are never afraid to call you out on your bullsh*t. But once they’ve decided they’ve exhausted all options, you’re out of their life for good. But show your best efforts, and they’ll be impressed. You could probably conquer the universe together if you just listen to her.
  5. She may be a little quiet…at first. Virgo women are shy around the object of their affections. It may take some time for them to open up. But once they do, they’ll want to talk, talk, talk. She’ll want to know every detail about you and hold intellectual conversations. Prepare to woo her with your best fun facts and your thoughts on international affairs, or you won’t hold her for long. Virgo women can tell when you’re being fake with them, so come prepared or not at all.

More things you can expect from dating a Virgo woman

  1. She takes your ambitions seriously. Don’t say you dream of being number one or top of your industry unless you want her to be on you to make your goals happen. Be prepared to get job listings, opportunities, and other content related to your goal every chance she sees something. To her, your future is not a silly dream; she’ll make you work hard for what you want. There will be no excuses to be made, so don’t slack off. She’s always looking for ways to improve. When you’re part of her life, you’re an extension of that.
  2. She will be relaxed…for once. An easy way to tell that your Virgo woman cares deeply about you is just how comfy and relaxed she’ll be when you’re around. Generally speaking, she’s a worrywart, so when you notice this change, you can feel pretty pleased with yourself. Prove that you can be reliant and loyal and you’ll notice that she’s less likely to point out the imperfections in life. She’ll be content and happy to have your presence. That’s a BIG sign that your Virgo woman not only trusts you, but loves you.
  3. Never ever accuse them of “nagging” you. Yes, Virgo women will often point out flaws and nitpick people and their surroundings. This is because they are always filled with worry. Thanks to a deregulated brain, they are always thinking of what could go wrong when they really need someone to point out what has gone right…thanks to your Virgo lady, of course. But nagging has a negative connotation and you don’t want to assign such a role to your woman.
  4. Telling them to not worry won’t stop them from worrying. Yeah, sorry. It’s in the DNA of a Virgo woman. Telling us not to worry will only make us worry more. Instead, make sure her concerns are heard and you respect her opinion. Assure her you appreciate everything she does for you and that you adore how much she cares. Eventually, she will settle down and feel at peace with you.
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