9 Ways Your Idea Of Love Is Ruining You For The Real Thing

Women are conditioned to think of love as a fairytale, an over-the-top happily ever after that’s way more extravagant than the real thing. If you’re a hopeless romantic that buys into rom-com romance, there’s a good chance that your idea of love isn’t real at all and it could be ruining your chance at the real thing. Here’s how:

You believe love should be perfect.

 If even the slightest hiccup occurs, you question the entire relationship. If the love of your life isn’t a doughy-eyed romantic who brings you flowers, writes you poems and puts you on a pedestal, you’re pretty sure it’s not love. You’re wrong, of course.

You’re so set in your ways, you can’t see beyond them.

You’re so set in your love ways that you leave no room to budge when it comes to your own Prince Charming. If he’s not fitting into this idea that you’ve had since you realized love was a thing, you don’t want anything to do with it. Unfortunately, you just might end up alone.

If something doesn’t happen right away, you move on.

You’re in such a hurry to be in the ‘I love you’ stages of a relationship that you don’t enjoy the part that leads up to it. Everything that happens before love doesn’t mean a thing to you, and you’re seriously missing out. You often fall in love way too easily, only to realize that you aren’t in love with the person, just the idea you created of that person.

Life isn’t a movie.

But that sure as hell doesn’t stop you from hoping and dreaming that your love life will be the stuff rom-coms are made of. You want everything to be as funny and full of love as every movie you’ve ever watched, but life isn’t fiction — it can be better than that, if only you let it.

When you find a good love, it’s never enough.

Every relationship you get into never seems to fit your ideals, and often times love isn’t enough. You want a specific kind of love and you’ll do anything to get it, even if that means ignoring the reality that love isn’t always magical.

You try to change every partner you have.

This is because you’re not really looking for the right guy, you’re just looking to be in love. You think every partner needs to fit into this box of what you see for yourself and if they don’t, you insist they change to suit your idea of what they should be for it to be true love.

If it’s not grand, it’s not love.

You want grand gestures and picnics under the stars every damn day. You think that every relationship should be a montage of romance and if it’s not like that, you’re convinced it couldn’t possibly be the real thing.

You don’t know what real love feels like.

When a relationship gets tedious or you get into a crazy argument, you just assume that you don’t love each other anymore. This isn’t because the love is gone, it’s because when real love settles in, it’s nothing like the movies, or your idea of love.

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