9 Ways To Be Totally Irresistible That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

9 Ways To Be Totally Irresistible That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks ©iStock/m-gucci

In case you haven’t received the memo, looks aren’t everything. The most attractive people are those who are constantly working on improving themselves. This is a good place to start:

  1. Be confident AF. No one’s going to think you’re worthy of their time unless you think you are. No one’s going to think you’re sexy unless you think you are. No one’s going to laugh at your jokes unless you deliver some. You have a lot to offer, but first, you have to know that. If you’re not feeling particularly confident, faking it can often result in the real thing.
  2. Smell amazing. Men are slaves to a good scent. Don’t underestimate the effect of lavender shampoo or vanilla body butter. The best part is that this doesn’t need to be expensive. Whether you’re wearing body spray or eau de parfum, if you smell appetizing, he’ll start salivating.
  3. Read a book. Many men will turn down a knock-out based on lack of intelligence or vapid conversation topics. Most importantly, don’t talk crap about others. This sends men (and women) running, and for good reason.
  4. Speak the up. If you have an opinion or question on the topic at hand, spit it out. Be present — don’t be a wallflower. Even respectfully disagreeing with someone on their stance can be better foreplay than someone with no thoughts at all.
  5. Loosen the up. There’s a reason that fun people are typically the popular ones. It’s natural to gravitate towards positive, outgoing people who laugh a lot. Unless you’re actually in a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation — don’t be a buzzkill. Make the best out of any situation, even if the night is not going according to plan. This is a sure fire way to get an invite to the next outing.
  6. Be your self. Don’t try to be anyone you’re not, because it’s exhausting and you’ll fail. Besides, if someone likes you because they think you’re something you’re not, that relationship won’t stick.
  7. Be approachable AF. Your smile is your most powerful weapon, so use it! Don’t just be friendly to those you are romantically interested in — be friendly to everyone! You might have a poisonous extinct to resent the most beautiful girl in the room, but if you’re sweet to her and let go of your BS envy, you’ll have a lot more fun. Besides, hot girl might have hot brother.
  8. Have some class. Please, don’t get really drunk. I’ve never heard a guy say, “She was amazing, even though I had to wipe her puke off of my shoes.” People who know how to have fun, while not burdening others, are diamonds in the rough. I’m not saying you should be ladylike in the traditional sense, just don’t be ratchet.
  9. Have some humility. Although confidence is essential, having too much confidence can make you seem like a huge douche. You should believe that you’re a great catch, but don’t articulate it or treat others like they’re beneath you. You can appreciate your own good qualities, while still acknowledging them in others.