I Love Shopping & Other Female Stereotypes I’m Not Ashamed Of

I Love Shopping & Other Female Stereotypes I’m Not Ashamed Of ©iStock/a-wrangler

There are plenty of stereotypes about women out there, and while many of them are completely unfounded, there are some that have a ring of truth to them. Sure, women can be many things at once; we can love sports, master video games, ace math and science classes, and kick ass at our careers while loving makeup and high heels. But we can also be totally predictable in the best possible ways. Here are 9 female stereotypes that are true about me. I’m not ashamed about it, and you shouldn’t be, either:

  1. I wear yoga pants even on days I don’t work out. Yoga pants are the best. They’re super comfortable, make your ass look phenomenal, and don’t stick to you when it’s oppressively humid out. Why would I pass all that up? I happily rock my spandex around the house or out doing errands, even when I know there’s a 0% chance that I’ll hit the gym that day.
  2. I’m a good cook. I resent the idea that cooking is a woman’s job, but I’m damn proud of my skills in the kitchen. Being a good cook should never be something to be ashamed of. If anything, more people should aim to acquire some chef abilities. Not only is eating totally necessary, but it’s also enjoyable and an activity everyone can bond over.
  3. Retail therapy is the best therapy. Shopping makes me happy. Clothes, shoes, home décor, makeup… it all gets the job done. Whether in person or online, shopping helps me distress and block out any anxieties I have for a little while. If I can relax for a few minutes here and there, I won’t be embarrassed about how I made that happen.
  4. I look forward to pumpkin flavored everything. Because it’s friggin’ delicious. I’ll fill up my perks card with pumpkin spice lattes while working my way through a box of pumpkin doughnuts and blogging about modern twists on pumpkin pies. And to be real,  pumpkin spice everything is almost an unspoken ritual to celebrate the end of bikini season. See you next year, abs.
  5. The beach is my favorite place. Sun, sand, waves, and day drinking — what’s not to love? This might be the most cliché of favorite girl spots, but who cares? You can relax in the warm sand while listening to the waves, rage any time of day or night, exercise on shore or in the water, escape being plugged in for once, or take 1,000 basic Instagram pics. The beach has something to make everyone happy.
  6. Sometimes, I really just need to dance. Sometimes all I need is a night out with too many drinks and borderline embarrassing dancing. It’s silly, yes, but also fun, relieves anxiety, and feels life-aaaffirming. If it feels good, do it. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks.
  7. I watch Netflix when I’m feeling lonely. Some nights are for staying in and watching Netflix, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not practical to expect every night to be an epic adventure, and a few nights cuddling with your laptop is not a warning sign that you’ll grow up to be a lonely cat lady. I may or may not have watched about 4 hours worth of Gilmore Girls last Friday night, and that’s totally fine with me. The bars will always be there when I want them.
  8. I take out my frustrations on my hair. I’m that person who gets a new hair style every time they go through a breakup. I change the color when I’m restless. I’ve gotten bangs more times than I can count. When I’m going through something or changing, I express that through my hair.
  9. And last but not least… I love wine.  I can be a walking, wine-drinking stereotype. I can channel my inner Olivia Pope and pour the largest glass of wine you’ve ever seen. There’s a wine for every season, occasion, mood, and price point. In fact, I think I’ll go open a bottle right now and cheers to being a basic bitch.

Sure, not all women like wine and yoga pants, because not all women feel the same about anything, ever. But I won’t be embarrassed about things I enjoy just because they also happen to be stereotypes. What female stereotypes apply to you?

Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.