The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Gullible

The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Gullible

Some people will believe anything. They’re the ones who fall for every scam, buy into every conspiracy theory, and trust anyone who tells them what they want to hear. While gullibility isn’t entirely determined by astrology, some signs are definitely more susceptible to being duped than others. Here’s a brutally honest ranking of the zodiac signs from most to least gullible:

1. Pisces

Oh, Pisces. Bless your trusting heart. You want to see the best in everyone, even when they’re waving red flags in your face, Vogue admits. Your boundless empathy and dreamy nature make you an easy mark for anyone spinning a sob story. You’ll believe whatever tale of woe they’re selling, hand over your cash, and sign up for their multi-level marketing scheme before you even realize what’s happening. Wake up and smell the deception, Pisces. Not everyone is as pure of heart as you.

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2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, your eternal optimism and faith in the universe is admirable, but it also makes you a prime target for grifters. You’re always seeking the next big adventure or opportunity, which can lead you to take risks that others would balk at. You’ll jump on a plane to meet your online love (whom you’ve never video chatted with) or invest your life savings in your cousin’s “revolutionary” business idea. Your impulsivity overrides your better judgment. Sometimes skepticism is healthy, Sag.

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3. Aries

Aries, you’re not so much gullible as you are impatient. You want what you want, and you want it now. So when someone comes along promising a shortcut to your desires, you’ll take it without doing your due diligence. That miracle diet pill that melts fat overnight? Sign you up. That get-rich-quick real estate seminar? You’re already pulling out your credit card. You need to slow down and look before you leap, Aries. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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4. Libra

Sweet, diplomatic Libra. You avoid conflict at all costs, which means you’re an easy target for emotional manipulators. When your partner swears they’ll never do it again, you believe them. When your boss promises that promotion is just around the corner, you keep plugging away. You don’t want to rock the boat by questioning things too closely. But your gullibility allows people to take advantage of your agreeable nature. Grow a backbone, Libra. Demand respect and honesty.

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5. Gemini

Gemini, your curiosity and love of a good story can lead you down some questionable paths. You’re fascinated by conspiracy theories and the paranormal. You want to believe we’re not alone in the universe. So when your stoner buddy swears he was abducted by aliens, you’re inclined to buy it. When your shamanic healer says she can talk to the dead, you’re already booking your first session. Take those fantastic claims with a hefty grain of salt, Gemini. Maintain a healthy amount of doubt.

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6. Cancer

Cancer, your gullibility stems from your deep desire for security, per TODAY. You long for a partner to take care of you, for a stable home and family. So when a potential mate comes on strong, promising you the happily ever after you crave, you ignore those little nagging warnings. When your overbearing aunt insists she knows what’s best, you go along with it to keep the peace. But giving away your power leaves you open to being controlled. Trust your gut, Cancer.

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7. Taurus

Taurus, you’re not easily fooled. You’re too grounded and practical for that. But your stubborn streak can make you susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy. When you’ve invested time, money or emotion into something, you’re loath to admit it might have been a mistake. You’ll stay in that toxic relationship or dead-end job long after you should have bailed. Don’t let your gullibility manifest as an unwillingness to change course, Taurus. Know when to cut your losses.

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8. Virgo

Virgo, your keen eye for detail and analytical mind usually protects you from being gullible. But sometimes you can miss the forest for the trees. You’re so focused on gathering data and weighing pros and cons, you don’t always tap into your intuition. That can leave you open to scammers who have an airtight story that passes your logical tests. Learn to balance reason with gut instinct, Virgo. If something just feels off, it probably is.

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9. Leo

Leo, you’re too proud and confident to be gullible, right? Not exactly. Your ego can actually work against you in this case. You believe you’re too smart to be conned, which ironically makes you more vulnerable. You’ll fall for flattery and fail to question someone who’s playing to your self-image. But even the mighty lion needs to be on guard for predators. Stay humble and alert, Leo.

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10. Aquarius

Aquarius, you’re an original thinker who questions everything and follows the beat of your own drum. You don’t blindly conform to the crowd. But your affinity for the unconventional can make you a sucker for “alternative facts.” You’ll entertain any fringe belief or far-out notion, no matter how implausible. Ancient aliens built the pyramids? Sure, why not. The moon landing was faked? Could be! Rein in that rebellious streak with a healthy dose of critical thinking, Aquarius.

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11. Scorpio

Scorpio, you’re about as gullible as a lie detector test. You have a built-in BS meter that can sniff out deception a mile away. You’re naturally suspicious and always looking for hidden motives. It’s hard to pull one over on you. But your gullibility can manifest as paranoia. You’re so convinced everyone has an ulterior motive, you see deceit where there is none. Reign in that stinger, Scorpio. Not everything is a manipulation.

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12. Capricorn

Capricorn, you’re the least gullible sign of the zodiac. You’re too pragmatic and discerning to fall for bull. You trust facts, not fantasies. If something seems too good to be true, you won’t even give it a second look. You may miss out on some opportunities this way, but you’ll also avoid a lot of heartache and humiliation. Keep those sensible goat hooves on the ground.

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