9 Ways You Know Your Relationship is Legit

We get really hung up on relationship milestones — titles, saying “I love you”, rings, moving in together, etc. Those things are certainly important, but there are a ton of other signs that your relationship is solid and totally legit. Although a lot of these things are nowhere near as romantic or serious as the more cliche milestones, they still mean that you and your guy have locked down something real.

You stop trying to look sexy when you wake up/ get out of the shower.

When you get to a point where you know he doesn’t care and thinks you’re beautiful all the time, you can bet your relationship is solid.

He stops trying to be a gentleman.

Although not romantic at all, when he starts farting in front of you or telling you he is going to “drop a deuce,” he’s probably pretty crazy about you.

You hang out with each other’s families solo.

If you’re meeting his mom or sister for lunch without him, or he’s going to grab a beer with your father on a man-date, your relationship is serious.

You’re finally comfortable pooping in his bathroom.

If you don’t live together, this one is really serious. Pooping is a stressful situation when you’re staying at his place, but if it isn’t an issue, then your relationship must be pretty hard-core.

Periods are no longer taboo subjects.

Yes, you bleed once a month, and he no longer flips out when you mention it. He might even know your cycle and be super sweet and/or stock the house with chocolate when it comes around.

He takes you to the doctor if you don’t feel well.

If he’s willing to go with you when you’re sick, that’s basically saying he loves you. He could catch whetaver other illnesses are floating around in there, but he still wants to go and take care of you.

You stop taking a million photos together.

My man and I have been together for four years, and there was a definitive decline in the picture taking starting about a year into our relationship… which also coincided with all of the above milestones. Once you’re super comfortable, you feel less like you need to document every moment — probably because you know there’ll be so many more.

He does things he used to swear he wouldn’t.

Like holding your purse, wearing a matching shirt for a family holiday, and walking your toy poodle. When he stops caring about what it looks like to the world, it’s because you’re his world. Aw!

You do all of the gross annoying things that couples do that you swore you’d never do because, well, they’re really annoying.

When you are those people and you don’t give a damn, it’s because your relationship is awesome and haters can’t bring you down. So take that kissy face selfie and IG that stuff!

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